Image Armor Inks in Russia

Image Armor Inks Take Over Russia

Image Armor Inks in Russia

Image Armor Inks Take Over Russia

Image Armor is proud to announce that located in Moscow, Russia is now carrying the entire line of Image Armor pretreatments as well as the E-Series inks for Epson repurposed printers. 

Now DTG printers located throughout Russia can utilize to purchase the direct to garment industry’s best and fastest curing white DTG ink on the market. Any DTG printer with a DX5 or DX7 printhead can gain the benefits of increased wash durability and a 35 second white ink cure time with the Image Armor E-Series inks. is also carrying the full line of Image Armor pretreatments. The LIGHT Shirt Formula is designed mainly for CMYK printing on white and light colored 100% cotton, blends and 100% polyester fabrics which increases wash durability, reduces dot gain which increases vibrancy and detail. So printing CMYK on 100% polyester is no longer an issue and results in prints that look and wash like sublimation but all from your DTG printer! 

The DARK Shirt Formula and ULTRA Shirt Formulas are designed for white ink printing on mid to dark colored shirts. Both formulations increase the wash durability and make DTG printing easier with a wider application window and giving increased print sharpness. can be found at their website or by calling +7 (499) 490-5274 or dropping them an email at

Are Your Inks and Pretreatments Safe for Kids?

CPSIA-Tested-and-Compliant-Inks-and-PT-Collection-600pxImage Armor is committed to bringing you the best and safest products. This is why we ask – Do you know what’s in your inks and pretreatments?

If you are printing DTG products for children 12 years old or younger, you may or may not be aware of the Consumer Product Safety Act of 2008. The products need to be certified that they are safe for children, but what does this really mean?

Basically, CPSIA “Certification means the issuance of a written Children’s Product Certificate in which the manufacturer, importer, or private labeler certifies that its children’s product complies with all applicable children’s product safety rules.”. Our entire line of pretreatments and E-SERIES inks have been tested for lead and soluble heavy metals such as cadmium, arsenic, mercury, etc. and were found to be in compliance with the 2008 federal act.  This is a distinction that some other ink and pretreatment manufacturers can not claim.

So, if you are printing shirts for children under the age of 12, the entire Image Armor line of products is compliant and will help keep your products safe for children when used as directed.

The CPSIA compliance was something that Image Armor wanted to do for oRoHS-Compliant-Logour customers as a proactive stance. We believe it was in our customer’s best interest to be able to show that the components we use to manufacture our products can be used to help create a finished product that are safe for kids when used in conjunction with CPSIA tested garments.

The entire Image Armor line of products was also tested and is RoHS compliant. RoHS certification ensures that the Image Armor products do not exceed the limits allowed for the substances banned under RoHS, which include lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd), hexavalent chromium (CrVI), polybrominated biphenyls (PBB), polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE), and four different phthalates (DEHP, BBP, BBP, DIBP).

So, the real question is… What’s in your pretreatment and inks?

MESA Supplies now selling Image Armor DTG E-SERIES Inks

MESA Supplies Now Carrying Image Armor Inks and Pretreatments

MESA Supplies now selling Image Armor DTG E-SERIES Inks

MESA Supplies NOW Carrying Image Armor E-SERIES Inks

Image Armor is proud to announce that MESA Supplies of Fort Worth, TX is now carrying the Image Armor E-SERIES inks and pretreatments.

MESA is a direct distributor of apparel decorating supplies and accessories, specializing in DTG and is located in the Southwest United States. This allows for more customers to achieve next day shipping on DTG inks and pretreatments for all those last minute needs.

Image Armor inks can help take your Direct To Garment business to the next level with an incredible 35 second white ink cure time, better wash fastness and white ink "stretchiness". These factors result in a much higher quality end print. When used in conjunction with the Image Armor pretreatments, the DTG printing business just got closer to achieving screen printing quality from a digital printer.

MESA can be contacted by calling 800-330-3867 and pressing Option 3 or by visiting their website at


How Does DTG Printed Polyester Wash?

IA-ULTRA-and-LIGHT-Front-Mirrored-OriginalWe often get the question about our DTG pretreatments and 100% polyester printing in regards to how well the printed shirts hold up in the wash. Typically non-pretreated polyester fabrics will results in very poor quality prints that are fuzzy and do not wash well. However, when properly pretreated with the correct pretreatment you can achieve sublimation like looking DTG prints.

An interesting aspect of this article is that we utilized 100% white polyester garments pretreated with both the LIGHT Shirt formula as well as the ULTRA Dark Shirt Formula. Normally we would never utilize the ULTRA on a white or light colored garment as the pretreatment would yellow the shirt when heat is applied. However, we’ve discovered it appears that this is only in garments that have natural fibers in the fabric. On fabrics that have 100% polyester content we have achieved great results with both the LIGHT and ULTRA pretreatments. We do however still encourage all users to do testing prior to any production run to ensure they are achieving the results they desire.


Click on Image to view Enlarged Photo

This option of using either LIGHT or ULTRA pretreatment will ultimately open up additional avenues of printable garments for the DTG decorator. It will allow the choice of using either the LIGHT Shirt Formula or the ULTRA Shirt Formula. In our test we applied 18 grams of pretreatment to the Sport-tek ST350 white 100% polyester shirt and heat cured that pretreatment for 35 seconds at 330F. The shirts were printed with our Image Armor E-SERIES DTG inks though we have also successfully achieved the same results with other ink sets. The E-SERIES inks were then cured via heat press for 35 seconds at 356F with light pressure.

As can be seen in the photo (click on the side-by-side comparison for a much larger version) there was minimal loss of actual color after 15+ washes of the garment. These were washed with Tide detergent with hot water and then dried on the hot setting.

So, if you want to achieve sublimation like prints with your DTG printer and do not have a sublimation system in your shop, try utilizing the Image Armor LIGHT Shirt Formula or ULTRA pretreatments to increase your DTG offerings to your customers. Now you can achieve great wash results with your direct-to-garment printer on 100% white polyester fabrics without the fear of them washing our or looking blurry.

You can find an Image Armor dealer near you by visiting our Purchase page.

Come to Atlantic City to What’s New with Image Armor


The Long Beach ISS is done and gone and we are now looking forward to the March 17th-19th Atlantic City Imprinted Sportswear Show. Make sure to stop by our booth #613 to see how the new Image Armor E-SERIES inks can change your DTG printing business. Also witness the results that our Image Armor LIGHT and ULTRA pretreatments can give your pretreated shirts and improve wash fastness and even allow you to print 100% white polyester with sublimation like effects! We look forward to seeing you there.

iPrint Shirts Gets a Visit From Santa Early on the 4th Business Day of Christmas

jaxscreenprint-12-days-selecteeMerry Christmas iPrint Shirts! It’s December 14th and the 4th Business Day of Christmas in our Christmas Give-Away!

Today’s Selectee was Anton Wiranata of iPrint Shirts located in Jacksonville, FL.  Anton will be receiving a complete Image Armor Ink and Pretreatment change over kit containing a Liter of each our E-Series DTG inks (white and CMYK) as well as Cleaning Solution and a gallon of ULTRA Pretreatment. This will ship out to him after the holidays so he can make good use of the slow time after Christmas.

Even though it is only a little over a week away from Christmas it is definitely still not too late to have a chance to be selected to receive a conversion kit. I’ve been accused of being Buddy the Elf and bringing holiday cheer to the DTG industry. You can still visit our SIGN UP page to get your name thrown into the hat to be on Santa’s NICE list this year. You have until December 23rd to sign up. There’s no obligation to submit your picture. You can even request to be anonymous if you win (we understand…) – but we want you to help spread some holiday cheer. So spread the word….. there are still 8 Business Days of Christmas left!

Name of the Day – 1st Business Day of Christmas Begins

12-Business-Days-of-Christmas-Selectee---Day-1---Kenan-CanalesIt’s December 9th and the 1st Business Day of Christmas in our Christmas Give-Away!

Today’s Selectee was Kenan Canales of Excelsior! Digital Apparel in N. Kansas City Missouri.  Kenan will be receiving a complete Image Armor Ink and Pretreatment change over kit containing a Liter of each our E-Series DTG inks (white and CMYK) as well as Cleaning Solution and a gallon of ULTRA Pretreatment. This will ship out to him after the holidays so he can make good use of the slow time after Christmas.

There’s still time for you to enter and have a chance to be selected to receive a conversion kit for free. It’s just our way of spreading some holiday business cheer. Visit our SIGN UP page to get your name thrown into the hat to be on Santa’s NICE list this year. You have until December 23rd to sign up. There’s no obligation to submit your picture. You can even request to be anonymous if you win (we know some people are shy) – but we want to help spread some holiday cheer. So spread the word….. there are still 11 Business Days of Christmas left!


Image Armor Christmas Ink Give Away


It’s the 12 Business Days of Christmas Give Away!

Image Armor is going to be giving away 12 complete change over kits of our popular E-SERIES inks starting December 9th, 2015!

That’s right – giving away complete ink change over kits…. It’s our way of saying Merry Christmas to twelve lucky people!

So , if you’ve been thinking about changing over to Image Armor but haven’t had the time, or have just been waiting, now is the time to make the jump! Selected individuals will be chosen to receive a complete change over kit. It’s our way of saying MERRY CHRISTMAS!

This kit will include 1 liter of E-SERIES white ink, 1 liter each CMYK, 1 gallon of ULTRA dark shirt pretreatment for white inks, and a 1 liter of our Image Armor CLEANING Solution to flush out your old inks. Everything you need to start using our inks if you use a bulk ink system (this is the only way we are giving away our inks is in bulk – no bag systems – sorry).

One lucky individual per day will be selected and revealed starting December 9th, 2015 and a new one selected each business day thereafter until December 24th, 2015.  The earlier you enter, the more opportunity you have to be selected – so don’t wait until the 23rd of December….. that just means you missed the previous 11 gifts given!


To be eligible you must meet the following:

  • Have a legitimate DTG business and web site – we verify both or you might end up on the NAUGHTY list.
  • Have never used Image Armor E-SERIES ink – but want to try them at NO COST (again – liars end up on the NAUGHTY list)
  • Must send us last 3 copies of invoices showing the “competitors” inks you’ve purchased (prior to November 26th, 2015)
  • Must send a picture of you and your DTG printer in your shop. You don’t have to wear a Santa hat – but it makes it more fun! And, with the winners permission we will be posting pictures daily of our winners!
  • You must reside and have your business in the United States.
  • Fill out and send in the form below.

We will be selecting individuals from our list of recipients, and your chances of being selected depend on how many people sign up. This is NOT a contest, but do sign up early to have more chances to be selected! If you’ve been thinking about switching to Image Armor, take a chance on being able to do it between Christmas and New Year’s this holiday season.

If You’re Using A DTG IV Ink Bag System You Must Read This

DTG IV Bag SystemMany DTG printers today are utilizing what can easily be called the DTG IV Bag Ink System. That is because if you have ever been to a hospital and been hooked up to one, you know it looks exactly like an intravenous drip system used to administer drugs into a patient. In this case, that patient is the DTG printer.

These type of ink deliver systems are great to help gravity feed your print, but they can cause issues because it is often easier to “forget” the inks are there and never touch it again until the ink runs out. This will cause you more headaches than you want, but the headaches are easily avoidable.

If you do utilize this type of ink delivery system, follow these simple Tips.

TIP #1: Before hanging the bag, make sure to agitate and mix the white ink well to ensure it is entirely mixed up. You can easily see if it is homogeneously mixed.

TIP #2: DO NOT LEAVE THE BAG HANGING OVERNIGHT! When you are done printing for the day, take the white ink bags down and lay them on their side. The reason for this is that the Image Armor E-SERIES inks do separate faster than Dupont, but that’s by design. What we are seeing is that most people hang the bags and forget about them and DO NOT MIX the white ink after hanging. Since the inks can separate, the heavier particulates that make up the white ink will sink to the bottom and into the IV lines easier. These “heavier” ink solutions can then be pulled into the print heads and dampers causing head failures. NEVER, EVER LEAVE WHITE INK BAGS HANG OVERNIGHT OR OVER THE WEEKEND IF YOU ARE NOT PRINTING. Removing them will cause you to be reminded to mix the ink in the bags prior to hanging them back on your IV stand/hooks.

TIP #3: Never re-use an ink bag. Many people buy bulk ink and want to re-fill their own bags. Image Armor does not recommend this as it can lead to multiple problems. Residual white ink in the bags can cause series issues within the DTG printing system as it might not be fresh, of the right “mix”, etc. It is NOT recommended to ever re-use an IV bag. ALWAYS USE A FRESH BAG WITH FRESH INK.


We want to ensure that our users have the most issue free, easy to use inks on the market. Following these simple steps above will help us all achieve that goal. Remember – if you’re printing, hang the bags, if not, take them down.

Image Armor Customer Testimonial from RJ Designs

Jim Crumby stopped by the Ft Worth Imprinted Sportswear Show and talked a little bit about his use of Image Armor products and what he thinks about them. His company RJ Designs uses the E-SERIES DTG Inks and pretreatments and loves printing on 100% polyester and blends with the inks. Listen in as he talks a little about his experience with Image Armor inks.