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Image Armor DARK Shirt DTG Pretreatment was originally introduced in October 2013. This is what started Image Armor off in this incredible journey to being one of the leading Direct To Garment Industry manufacturers of pretreatments. In direct competition to Dupont and other OEM pretreatments at the time the DARK Shirt Formula allowed for a wider application window which removed the problem of over applying pretreatment and the ink not being wash-fast (i.e. just peeling off after washing due to too much pretreatment).


The DARK SHIRT formula was revolutionary during the early days of DTG printing. It competed well against every other pretreatment on the market and it gave us the “base” upon which we have continued building our Solutions for the Direct To Garment Industry. It is our history, our foundation, and the start of it all.


While technically we are NOT pushing the DARK shirt formula due to massive advancements in our ULTRA, LIGHT, and now PLATINUM formulations, DARK will still be available to customers as needed. So, if you have not yet tried PLATINUM you can click HERE to learn more and see the journey from DARK to PLATINUM and where Image Armor is headed in the future.


Image Armor Dark Garment White Ink Pretreatment for DTG printersIMAGE ARMOR DARK Shirt formula was launched in 2013. That October (actually on Friday the 13th) began our journey . These were some of the original photo shoots that we did for the launch. We were super excited about the launch and at the time, not sure how the DTG community would receive this new product from an unknown manufacturer. 

Through a lot of hard work and people giving Image Armor a chance we have been able to build the IA brand into a world reknown leader in the Direct to Garment industry.

It is our desire to continue making the best products for the Direct to Garment industry. We are working hard to continue to change the industry one shirt at a time, with new innovation and incremental improvements. We believe that we already have the BEST pretreatments on the markets. It is our goal to continue making DTG printing easier and more streamlined. 

We thank everyone who has supported Image Armor from the beginning and those who are new customers just recently. It is you who has helped make Image Armor a success. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support.

100 Percent Certified and Awesomeness DARK Shirt Formulation for DTG pretreatments

This graphic below was one of our ORIGINAL advertising campaign graphics from 2013… but still works for what it was meant to convey.

Front Page Image Armor Assasins Creed


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