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Direct To Garment Pretreatment That Makes Life Better


The new Image Armor PLATINUM DTG pretreatment is the newest updated white ink pretreatment solution from our labs. With years of experience, testing, and research we've created a new pretreatment with improved properties to make DTG printing easier with better results.

PLATINUM improvements allow you to apply LESS pretreatment than other solutions on the market today and still achieve the same or better results. This will help your bottom line by increasing your profitability and number of shirts printed per gallon of pretreatment. Begin your journey today by improving your DTG prints with Image Armor PLATINUM.

  • Smoother white ink deposits resulting in brighter colors
  • Typically less PT can be used to achieve same or better results (of other pretreatments)
  • Fewer issues with discoloration of problematic colors (Depending on mfg and manufacturing process)
  • Less or no ghosting of images on same or stacked shirts
  • Softer feel of pretreated area
  • Better wash durability of DTG prints when pretreatment and inks are properly cured.
Image Armor PLATINUM DTG Pretreatments are made in the USA
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Jerzees 50-50 Platinum Print Closeup
Triblend Platinum Pretreatment and Print

The PLATINUM pretreatment will work on a wide variety of fabrics, including this 50/50 Heather Blue Jerzees shirt. Note that NO pretreatment will cover an “air gap” (where the thread weave leaves open air spaces, but PLATINUM does a great job on making even 50/50's look great. This Jerzees 50/50 shirt come out looking incedible using Platinum.

On this pale yellow Bella Canvas shirt the PLATINUM created a super smooth white ink film resulting in a striking color contrast with the print. Typical pretreatment discoloration can be reduced with PLATINUM in RTU form or by cutting PLATINUM with a little more water. Making DTG printing easier is our job at Image Armor.

Tri-Blends are always a challenge to print. But PLATINUM can make this a little easier. Since there is polyester in the fabric content you can still run into dye migration issues but PLATINUM does a great job of making these typically difficult to print fabrics much easier. This Next Level red Tri-blend looked like a high end screen print.

Baby Blue 100% cotton shirts can be a real challenge to pretreat without staining or discoloration. PLATINUM reduces this more than other pretreatments. We won't claim it will totally get rid of that issue (that'd be lying) because we can't control the residual chemicals often left in fabric from the mills.

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