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G-Series Inks Compatible with Brother GTX Printers

Our G-SERIES inks are designed and work with the Brother GTX direct to garment printers. The color matching and performance capabilities are as good or better than original OEM inks. 

  • OEM Color Matching
  • Same cure time and temperature as OEM
  • Drop in replacement
  • Incredible saving over OEM

All Image Armor inks are produced for superior print quality, longevity and manufactured to the highest industry standards. There is no need or worry about color profile differences as the inks are as close to OEM as possible. This makes running OEM and G-Series inks side-by-side super easy without having to worry about color difference. Simply EZ. The way DTG should be without the extra cost.

  • Capacity: 700 cc / 700ml
  • Dimensions: 18 x 4 x 1 inch
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for great savings you won't believe!


These compatible bags for the Brother GTX Direct to Garment printer are formulated to deliver the highest performance with even greater image quality, highly accurate color reproduction and superior print longevity, These inks are manufactured to the highest standards specifically for the GTX Printer Series.

This ultra premium Direct to Garment ink also provides exceptional durability and allows you to print on multiple fabric types, both light and dark. Achieve sharper and more precise images a with our Direct to Garment inks and since it's so incredibly close to the original, there's no need to change the color profile or flush the lines, it's Plug & Print just like the original.

Ink bags easily fit into any OEM GTX cartridge.


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The Image Armor GTX Inks are designed to replace the OEM ink set for the GTX series Direct To Garment printer. These inks are designed with high performance capabilities as close a match to the original OEM inks as possible at a more affordable operating cost per CC. Made in North America and are NOT manufactured by OEM. Each bag is 700cc / 700ml in size and each cube is 20K cc / 20K ml in size.

**DISCLAIMER** A complete flushing of the white and/or CMYK ink lines and channels is suggested and recommended to maintain optimal machine performance. We do not recommend inter-mixing Image Armor and OEM inks due to possible but rare inter-compatibility issues. We recommend that you use Image Armor GTX inks as a complete set (W1+W2+CMYK) to retain all benefits of color profiling and visual performance.