Image Armor DTG Printing Dealer Equipment Zone

Image Armor Now Carried By Equipment Zone in New Jersey

Image Armor DTG Printing Dealer Equipment Zone

Image Armor is proud to announce that Equipment Zone, located in Franklin Lakes New Jersey, is now a dealer for Image Armor pretreatments for direct to garment printing.

Equipment Zone carries a full line of DTG supplies including inks, pretreatments, printers, parts, heat presses and more. Located in Franklin Lakes, NJ. Equipment Zone now carries all three formulations of our pretreatments including the LIGHT Shirt Formula which is designed to be utilized with or without a white ink under base on white and light colored shirts. For dark shirt printing, the DARK Shirt Formula works great for most Dupont based ink sets and the ULTRA Formulation works best where a faster gelling of the white ink is required – for printers such as the Brother G3 series of printers or the new Epson F2000 garment printer.

Equipment Zone can be contact by calling 800-408-0040 or by visiting their website at

Image Armor Goes Down Under in Australia

ASTech Solutions Australia Image Armor DealerImage Armor is proud to announce that we’ve finally gone to the Land Down Under. We are happy to introduce our newest distributor covering all of Australia, ASTech Solutions based in Sydney.

Astech Solutions has been with DTG since it’s inception, providing installation and training services for DTG printers since the “birth” of DTG nearly a decade ago.  Their technicians are factory trained and field experienced, having delivered scores of DTG installations, and trained hundreds of operators.

Now, ASTech Solutions will be providing the same expertise by expanding their product line with Image Armor Pretreatment Solutions bringing a whole new level of direct to garment pretreating to Australia.

You can get more information on ASTech Solutions at their website at

American Print Supply Serves the Southwest with Image Armor Pretreatments

American Print Supply Phoenix Arizona Distributor Image Armor


Image Armor, LLC is proud to announce that American Print Supply of Phoenix, Arizona is distributing the Image Armor line of Pretreatments for direct to garment printing.

American Print Supply carries a complete line of screen printing supplies and specializes in DTG printer parts, inks, supplies and service. They cover the entire Southwestern United States bringing one day shipping of Image Armor to much of Arizona, Nevada, Southern California and Western Texas.

Make sure to give them a call at 602-437-5231 or visit their website to order your Image Armor DTG Pretreatments. Tell them Image Armor sent you!

Image Armor Light White Background with Mirror IMAGE ARMOR LIGHT SHIRT FORMULAImage Armor LIGHT Shirt Formula pretreatment is designed for printing on White to mid-light colored 100% cotton fabrics. Our LIGHT pretreatment formula increases color vibrancy, washability, and detail. It is mainly used for CMYK (no white printing) or in conjunction with a white highlight or white under base to provide brighter colors on those harder to print colors where a DARK formula might scorch or discolor the garment.Image Armor LIGHT also provides an incredible sublimation like print on 100% white polyester, and white to mid-colored blends giving better wash and color vibrancy characteristics that normally were not easily achievable.
Image-Armor-1-Gallon-Front-Side-View-Mirrored-800px IMAGE ARMOR DARK SHIRT FORMULAImage Armor DARK Shirt Formula is designed for printing on mid-dark colors to black shirts consisting of 100% cotton. The DARK Shirt Formula increases washability and eases the application of pretreatments making it much more difficult to pretreat incorrectly. This “more forgiving” formula allows for those that apply pretreatment by hand to achieve better, more consistent results than previous brands of pretreatment. If you’re not sure, it is always OK to apply a little bit more without worrying if the image will wash out after the customer has taken their shirt home.


Image Armor Launch in Europe by DP Solutions

Image Armor Launches In Europe at 2014 Stuttgart TV TecStyle Visions Show

Image Armor Launch in Europe by DP Solutions

 Image Armor Pretreatment Solutions Launches in Europe

Image Armor is proud to announce that DP Solutions (Renchen, Germany) is now carrying the Image Armor line of pretreatment solutions for direct to garment printers. DP Solutions provides printing solutions for direct printing, metal processing, UV direct printing, textile printing, print & cut solutions and is also a dealer for the new Epson SureColor F2000 DTG textile printer.

DP Solutions HeadQuartersDP Solutions will be giving away free samples of both Image Armor LIGHT and DARK Shirt Formulas at the TV TecStyle Visions show at Messe Stuttgart February 13th-15th. So make sure to stop by their booth in Hall 4 Stand 60 to see all that DP Solutions has to offer and get a glimpse into the newest pretreatment to hit the European market.

Image Armor pretreatments are designed to increase productivity and make the pretreating process easier. Both the LIGHT and DARK Shirt formulas are completely new, resulting in better prints thanother pretreatments on the market. Better washability, brighter colors, and ease of application are just the beginning. Make sure to stop by or contact DP Solutions to see how Image Armor can help improve your business in 2014.

DP Solutions Germany

DP Solutions GmbH & Co. KG
Vogesenstr. 11
77871 Renchen
DeutschlandTelefon: +49 (0) 78 43 / 99 33 0
Fax:       +49 (0) 78 43 / 99 33 333



Tips for Printing 100% Polyester Shirts

Tips for Printing 100% Polyester Shirts

Tips for Printing 100% Polyester Shirts

Tips for Printing 100% Polyester Garments with Image Armor LIGHT
One of the hottest markets for printing is the sports performance fabrics markets commonly known as 100% polyester garments. For the DTG printer, these are extremely difficult fabrics to print because the nature of the fibers is to “wick” moisture away. Considering that the inks we use are water based inks, this obviously creates a problem and causes the image to not be as bright as it could be resulting in the ink “wicking” and the image to become blurry. Another problem is that the images on untreated 100% polyester fabrics don’t hold up well in the wash.

Image Armor LIGHT Shirt Formula changes all of that for the direct to garment printer. Image Armor LIGHT allows formerly unprintable or hard to print 100% polyester fabrics to be more receptive to your DTG ink. This results in incredibly vibrant and wash fast garments.


1. Pick the correct shirts to try to print on. Not all 100% polyester garments are created equal. There will be some testing required, however, keep in mind that currently 100% black and dark polyester printing is still not quite “market acceptable”. Our Image Armor LIGHT is designed for use on 100% polyester white and some light colored garments.  We recently had a customer utilize a safety green and a bright pink polyester sport shirt that pretreated and printed great for them. Sometimes the pretreated areas on colored polyester shirts may leave a “haze” or window where the pretreatment was applied. You should not see this on white polyester. Testing is required prior to any production run.

2. You may need to adjust your colors. Image Armor has a tendency to make the image look brighter and colors darker (like Black) due to the effect the pretreatment has on the inks. the LIGHT formula enhances the color spectrum and brightness. After you’ve printed a few shirts with Image Armor LIGHT you will get a feel for any adjustments you might need to make prior to hitting the PRINT button.100-percent-polyester-bleed-through

3. More than likely you will need to use a slip sheet. A what? A slip sheet is a piece of paper or something that is placed on the inside of the shirt prior to printing. This keeps the ink from passing through the front of the shirt and ending up on the inside of the back of the shirt.

The reason this happens is that your DTG printer can not print on air. If you hold your polyester garment up to the light you will see that the weave of the shirt most likely leaves a fair number of air gaps between threads. Your ink has to have something to grab onto and that “something” is the fibers of the shirt. If there’s no thread, the ink drops through the top of the shirt onto the next layer below it. In the case of the photo above it was the inside back of the garment. This is the same reason we have problems printing solid white ink on dark polyesters. The white ink is not able to bridge the air gap between the individual fibers in the weave of the garment causing a visual effect of the ink “fading”.

4. Make sure when heat pressing your polyester shirt it is flat. If polyester fabric is heat pressed with a fold in it, it will be there forever. Always make sure that both layers of your garment are flat on the area that will be pressed. This is especially important for heat presses that do not allow you to “thread” the shirt onto platen. Failure to make sure it is flat will result in permanent visual marks where the fold was located.

Many people have given up printing 100% polyester fabrics with their DTG printers just because the images looked faded, they did not wash well, and the ink bleed making the print fuzzy. With Image Armor you can find a new source of work for your DTG printer and expand your business for 2014. Find out why more and more DTG printers are printing 100% polyester and 50/50 white and light colored shirts with Image Armor LIGHT.

Image Armor Long Beach ISS Header

Long Beach ISS Image Armor Free Sample Giveaway

Image Armor Long Beach ISS Header

It’s official. Image Armor is going to make its 2014 debut at the Long Beach Imprinted Sportswear Show. Make sure to stop by booth #2255 to see what all the fuss is about! Just look for “Hat Guy” and the Image Armor Girl!

In addition, sign up by December 31st, 2013 and you can stop by our booth and pick up a free 32 oz sample of Image Armor LIGHT and/or DARK Shirt Formulas! That’s right….FREE.

Just fill out the form below. There are several requirements.

  • You must not be a current customer.
  • You must bring a business card in exchange for your FREE samples
  • You must fill out the form below completely

Start your 2014 year with a new way to pretreat your shirts for DTG printing. We know you will find it easier, make your shirts look better and save you money in the long run. See you in Long Beach!


The Long Beach ISS is done and gone….. so this form is no longer available!

Image Armor Light Release

New Image Armor Light Shirt Formula Now Available

Image Armor Light White Background with Mirror

Image Armor is proud to announce the release of the new Image Armor LIGHT Shirt Formula for White and Light Colored garments.

The new LIGHT Shirt Formula expands your printing capabilities beyond anything you thought possible with increased vibrancy and wash fastness like you’ve never seen before in DTG printing.

The new LIGHT Shirt Formula gives:

  • Increased vibrancy, detail and wash fastness on White and Light colored 50/50 shirts, White and light colored 100% cotton shirts, and White 100% Polyester shirts
  • For use with CMYK only printing OR white+CMYK printing
  • No staining or scorching on white or light colored garments
  • Easy to use – no mixing required

Image Armor Light AdThe new LIGHT Shirt Formula will change the way you print DTG shirts. Using it on white shirts for just CMYK printing will yield high end screen printing like quality prints with great wash fastness. Works great on 50/50 or even white 100% polyesters shirts opening new markets for your DTG Printer. When printing on white 100% polyester fabrics you can achieve sublimation like prints at a fraction of the labor and costs. Plus, opening the door to 50/50 shirts will expand your printing options and give customers more choices over only printing 100% cotton garments.

Image Armor LIGHT Shirt Formula is priced just right also, allowing you to pre-treat all your light shirts for as little as $.10-.20 per shirt depending on application method, consistency and area covered. For just a little additional cost per shirt you can give your customers improved vibrancy, wash fastness and detail like never before.

Jerzees 29M and Image Armor Printing Results

As can be seen in the photograph to the left, the left side of this image was not pretreated while the right side of the shirt was pretreated with Image Armor LIGHT Shirt Formula. The shirt was a 50/50 Jerzees 29M white t-shirt. Previously, untreated 50/50 blend shirts left the colors dull and wash fastness lacking as much of the image faded the first wash or two. With Image Armor Light Shirt Formula you can see a definite increase in detail, color vibrancy and the wash fastness will enhance the perceived value of your garments as well as give your DTG printing business a new found legitimacy on a wider variety of garment colors and styles.

See our Dealer Network for purchasing Image Armor Light Shirt Formula.

Closeup of Image Armor Light ion a Jerzees 50-50 hoodie

Image Armor Light Printed on 50/50 Hooded Sweatshirt

Image Armor Light Hoodie Sweatshirt Print

The market for DTG printing in the past had been relatively limited to 100% cotton garments. Unfortunately there was not a lot of selection of hooded sweatshirts in anything but a 50/50 blend. Our in-house testing has shown that with our soon to be released Image Armor Light shirt formula, many of the hooded 50/50 blend garments are now a reality in being able to be printed.

In the picture to the left we show an ash grey hooded sweatshirt (Jerzees brand) printed with the Image Armor Light shirt formula. There is a white under base printed and then the CMYK printed on top. The quality and detail are very high quality and this new formulation opens new doors for your direct to garment printing  business.

Below is a closeup of the same design.

Closeup of Image Armor Light ion a Jerzees 50-50 hoodieImage Armor Light Shirt formula will be released December 1st, 2013 and works well with 100% cotton and 50/50 blends on shirt colors that range from white to your light or mid colored shirts. It works with CMYK only prints or white+CMYK prints.


Jerzees 29M and Image Armor Printing Results

Print White 50/50 Cotton/Polyester Blended Shirts That Look Like High End Screen Printing

Traditionally the standard 50/50 shirts has not been a great product to print with the DTG process. Untreated shirts would have very weak, fuzzy, and non-bright images. The pretreatments that were available on the market were extremely expensive and were mainly dedicated to just 100% cotton shirts. Some previous formulas just diluted a dark shirt formula or utilized a CMYK only formula that would not also work with white ink.

Image Armor Light blows all of the previous realities of printing 50/50 blends out of the water with incredible results that just have to be seen to be believed.

The new Light Shirt Formulation of Image Armor builds upon our knowledge of our successful Dark Shirt Formula. We approached the problem of a Light Shirt Formula from the aspect of the end user. We asked ourselves “What would WE WANT in a Light shirt pretreatment?”.

Image Armor Light Shirt formula takes these characteristics and brings to market an incredible product.

  • Works with 100% White Polyesters, White and light colored 50/50 shirts and white and light 100% cotton shirts
  • No staining or “burning” or shirt color shifts that are common with other pretreatments.
  • Printing with only CMYK produces great results
  • Printing White + CMYK also works great
  • Super easy to apply either by hand or by automated machine.
  • It is Ready-tTo-Use right out of the container

As can be seen in the following picture there is a SIGNIFICANT difference between untreated and treated shirts. Our example below is printed on a Jerzees 29M 50/50 white t-shirt. The left side has NO pretreatment while the right side has the Image Armor Light Shirt Formula. We laid down 15 grams of pretreatment and heat set for 2 presses of 20 seconds each. Then, we just printed the default CMYK ink settings. As you can see, the results are dramatic.


The question now becomes…Why would you NOT pretreat every shirt – including white 50/50 or 100% cotton shirts? With Image Armor Light Shirt Formula the visual and washability difference is incredible. These improved characteristics raise the level of quality you are giving your customers and will result in higher end customer satisfaction. And that brings customers back to you again and again.

Image Armor Light is Ready-To-Use and will be available from all of our distributors December 1st, 2013.

15X Wash and Dry Test of Light Shirt Formula on 100% Cotton

15X Wash & Dry for New Light Shirt Formula Soon To Be Released

15X Wash and Dry Test of Light Shirt Formula on 100% Cotton15X WASH/DRY CYCLES – 100% COTTON FABRIC TEST PRINT
Here’s the 15X washing and drying of our soon to be released Light Shirt Formula. This formula is designed to be applied to white and light colored shirts that are 100% cotton, 50/50 blends and 100% polyester garments.The photo to the left is printed on a 100% cotton fabric (click image to enlarge). The top half of the image is the unwashed control sample with the left side having NO pretreatment applied and the right side pretreated. The bottom half of the picture is the same shirt washed and dried through 15 cycles. As can be seen in the photograph, there is a slight loss of color between the unwashed and washed versions on the pretreatment and un-pretreated sides. The close-up inset shows a better image of the washed and not treated/treated sides. You can see the blacks are still very black versus the much grayer looking non-treated side.

Below is the 100% polyester shirt sample showing the same scenario of the cotton shirt above. The new Image Armor Light Shirt formula gives sublimation printing a run for its money at a more economical cost while maintaining incredible vibrancy wash after wash. Click on the image below to enlarge it for better viewing.

15X Wash and Dry Test of Light Shirt Formula on 100% Polyester

We are expecting Image Armor LIGHT Shirt Formula to be released early December 2013.