15X Wash & Dry for New Light Shirt Formula Soon To Be Released

15X Wash and Dry Test of Light Shirt Formula on 100% Cotton15X WASH/DRY CYCLES – 100% COTTON FABRIC TEST PRINT
Here’s the 15X washing and drying of our soon to be released Light Shirt Formula. This formula is designed to be applied to white and light colored shirts that are 100% cotton, 50/50 blends and 100% polyester garments.The photo to the left is printed on a 100% cotton fabric (click image to enlarge). The top half of the image is the unwashed control sample with the left side having NO pretreatment applied and the right side pretreated. The bottom half of the picture is the same shirt washed and dried through 15 cycles. As can be seen in the photograph, there is a slight loss of color between the unwashed and washed versions on the pretreatment and un-pretreated sides. The close-up inset shows a better image of the washed and not treated/treated sides. You can see the blacks are still very black versus the much grayer looking non-treated side.

Below is the 100% polyester shirt sample showing the same scenario of the cotton shirt above. The new Image Armor Light Shirt formula gives sublimation printing a run for its money at a more economical cost while maintaining incredible vibrancy wash after wash. Click on the image below to enlarge it for better viewing.

15X Wash and Dry Test of Light Shirt Formula on 100% Polyester

We are expecting Image Armor LIGHT Shirt Formula to be released early December 2013.