New RTP Apparel Printed with Brother GT-381 Garment Printer

New RTP Apparel Ready To Print Shirts Work Great on Brother GT-381

RTP Apparel is the DTG industry’s most innovative new product in years. No pretreating is required to be successful in the direct to garment printing industry. No mess or guessing how much pretreatment to apply to the T-Shirt. No more unwanted pretreatment boxes due to poor dye reactions or poor whites due to under treated shirts. Simply Pick, Print, and Cure.

rtp-apparel-printed-with-brother-gt-381-350pxThis video above was filmed at the 2016 Ft Worth ISS. The RTP shirt printed incredibly well with great white lay down. In addition the coverage and colors were intense.  All this was achieved with no pretreating. This design was printed on a Brother GT-381 with their standard show .arp file.

The RTP Apparel shirts are designed to simply by pulled from the box, heat pressed for 10-15 seconds to get any moisture out of the garment, and then go directly to the DTG printer and printed. The shirts will be launching in November with samples available for purchase. Early signups will be able to start purchasing in November and our official launch will be at the 2017 ISS Long Beach show in January.

If you have interest in RTP Apparel it is highly suggested you visit to sign up and get on our list to be able to purchase these market disruptive DTG shirts. For more information visit

New RTP Apparel Prints Incredibly Well on Epson F2000

New RTP Apparel Prints Incredibly Well on Epson F2000

Epson F2000 Print on RTP Apparel Ready To Print DTG ShirtsAt the 2016 Ft. Worth Imprinted Sportswear Show we had an opportunity to show off the Image Armor technology being used in the new RTP Apparel shirts. These shirts are engineered for DTG printing..

The RTP Apparel stands for Ready To Print. There is absolutely no pretreatment process necessary for these shirts to be DTG ready. Simply heat press for 10-15 seconds to get rid of any moisture in the shirts, load, and print.

We would like to thank Equipment Zone for printing this awesome design on their Epson F2000. It was noted that this design was printed with the Garment Creator standard default settings for white ink. We were told that they would utilize the next bump up in white ink enhanced printing to achieve the same results they got with just the default printer settings (see inset).

We have heard this multiple times from our RTP Apparel field testers. The report has been they have gotten as good or better prints with the RTP Apparel shirts than they could with machine pretreated shirts.

Also, RTP Apparel shirts allow for printing anywhere on the garment. You can print on the front, back, side, sleeve, with no additional preparation necessary. Just load the shirt and print. This allows for more creative and larger prints to be achieved with no staining or discoloration issues that can sometimes happen with “normal” shirts.

The interest in RTP Apparel shirts has been extremely high and we recommend signing up on the RTP Apparel website to “get in line” to be able to purchase these new ready to print shirts. Learn more on the RTP Apparel website.

Image Armor Announces Partnership with RTP Apparel

rtp-apparel-black-shirt-should-seam-and-bottom-print-with-drop-shadow-eagleRTP Apparel Ready To Print Shirts

Image Armor is proud to announce our partnership with RTP Apparel which licenses the Image Armor technology for their groundbreaking new T-Shirts.

RTP Apparel is the industry’s first DTG engineered t-shirt that requires no pretreatment prior to printing with your direct to garment printer. These shirts are designed to perform at optimal levels and will work with most DTG printers. This RTP Apparel shirts print best with Dupont, Image Armor or other similar inks. The black shirts are not recommended for use with Brother inks.


The shirts are designed for ease of use. All you have to do is pick, print, and cure. The shirts are able to be printed anywhere on the shirt for maximum printing flexibility. They will be available in white and black – sizes S-3XL.

There is also a signup list that is a first-come first-serve for DTG printers interested in using these new, industry changing shirts in their production cycle. You can visit RTP Apparel to sign up at Shirts will start being available in November and samples can be purchased for testing purposes by interested companies. However, you need to sign up to stay up to date on  availability and to secure your place in-line.

The RTP Apparel shirts improve your DTG process and reduce the time and effort required to get shirts ready to print. Stop pretreating and start printing with Ready To Print shirts from RTP Apparel.


Image Armor Polyester Printing with the Epson F2000

Printing 100% Polyester Shirts with the Epson F2000 DTG Printer

Image Armor Polyester Printing with the Epson F2000Printing 100% Polyester Shirts with the Epson F2000 DTG Printer

Printing on 100% polyester fabrics has always been problematic. The colors are not vibrant, the image clarity is fuzzy due to bleeding, and the wash durability is not the best. There have not been many options for the Epson F2000 DTG users up to this point.

In our tests we have shown that the Image Armor LIGHT Shirt Formula works great making the improbable look fantastic on 100% polyester garments with the Epson F2000 Direct to Garment printer.

Simply apply 18-22 grams of Image Armor LIGHT Shirt Formula to most 100% white or light colored polyester fabrics (test prior to any production run) and heat set with two 20 second heat presses. Ensure the pretreatment is dry, and then print and cure your ink like normal. You can see the full shirt image we printed and has at this point been washed 9 times. It is visible how the left side which was pretreated with the LIGHT Shirt Formula looks much better, crisper, and more vibrant than the right side which had no pretreatment.

Start expanding your offerings to include 100% polyester garments that you can print for your customers with your Epson F2000. If you have never tried the LIGHT Shirt Formula, you can get a free sample by visiting this page.

Image Armor Customer Testimonial – Big Sky Promotions

2016 Long Beach NBM Show:

Mary Lyn stopped by our booth at the 2016 NBM Long Beach just to let us know she uses our inks and pretreatments. She told the story of shirts she printed for her husband and how well they’ve washed and how she love the Image Armor DTG inks and pretreatments. Here’s her testimony.

Image Armor Customer Testimonial – Old California Printing

2016 Long Beach NBM Show:

John Hernandez from Old California Printing stopped by our booth at the 2016 NBM Long Beach show and gave us a little history on his DTG experience and how the Image Armor inks and pretreatments helped his Direct to Garment business. Here’s a short testimonial video John shot for us at the show.

Brother GT3 CMYK Inks and Polyester Printing with Image Armor LIGHT Shirt Formula

See the DTG Difference on Polyester at the Long Beach NBM 2016!

Brother GT3 CMYK Inks and Polyester Printing with Image Armor LIGHT Shirt FormulaCome to Long Beach and See the Difference!

Make sure to stop by our booth at the long Beach NBM show this week, July 14th-16th and see how Image Armor’s LIGHT Shirt Formula pretreatment can change the way you print with your Brother GT3 DTG printer.

We will have our newest print with 11 washes on hand at the show, printed on a white 100% polyester garment. You can definitely see the difference that Image Armor LIGHT makes on the garments in washing. We’ll show you how you can open a who new segment of customers to print for with your GT-3 garment printer.

Our sample shirt had one side pretreated, the other side with no pretreatment. And as you can see in the image above (click to enlarge) the difference is amazing. It is like getting sublimation like prints and wash durability with your GT-3 printer.

See us this week! We look forward to seeing you at the show.

How Long Can I Pretreat before Printing

How Far in Advance Can We Pretreat Shirts and Store Them For Direct To Garment Printing?


NOTE: This is a re-post of an article we posted in January of 2016. We get a lot of inquires about this, so we thought it prudent to repost this article for everyone’s knowledge base.

We often get asked how long can I pretreat a shirt and then leave it sit on the shelf before the “magical” properties of the pretreat are no longer good.

Well, when we originally started Image Armor back in 2013 we had pretreated some black shirts and set them on the shelf. Our intentions were to print them 12 months later. Business got busy, the shirts got buried and all was forgotten…until this morning.

We actually found the shirts a couple of days ago and decided that we would test out our theory. The shirts were originally pretreated with Image Armor DARK Shirt Formula on November 19th, 2013. You can see (click the picture to enlarge) my label showing we were supposed to print the shirt on November 19th, 2014 one year later.

The way this played out, and a testimony to our pretreatments, is that it officially have been 2 years and 2 months since we pretreated these shirts and put them on the shelf. They were not put into a bag, or sealed up in any way shape or form. The shirts actually had ink cartridges, paper, tools and all sorts of items stacked on top of them over the past two years. We printed these with our Image Armor E-SERIES inks this morning after heat pressing the shirt for 15 seconds to get rid of any moisture in the garment.

The results? Click on the picture above for a larger image. The results were extremely favorable. The whites were extremely white, just as if we had pretreated the shirt this morning prior to printing.

What does this say? If you wanted to pretreat ahead of time to save time and do your shirts in bulk, this is now been proven to work, at least with Image Armor pretreatments. We still do not recommend pretreating way ahead of time due to the fact that the more you handle the shirt, the more chance the fibers have to “pop up” and cause you issues when trying to get a nice smooth white ink film. But, if you feel the need, go ahead, pretreat in advance.

Just don’t forget where you put the shirts after you’ve pretreated them.

Come See Image Armor at the Long Beach NBM Show July 14th-16th

2016-Come-to-The-Show-Graphic-Long-BeachJULY 14th-16th, 2016

Mid-summer is coming quickly and so is the Long Beach NBM Printwear show. If you have not been to a show lately, make sure to come and see what’s new – especially in the Image Armor booth. We will be showcasing how Image Armor can definitely change the way you pretreat and print DTG garments.

Come see how our LIGHT Shirt Formula can help you print incredibly vibrant, detailed, and wash fast white and light colored 100% polyester shirts as well as improving your dark shirt DTG printing.

For new comers who’ve never tried our pretreatments, we will have samples there we will be giving away, so make sure to stop by and see how you can change your DTG business in 2016!


2016 ISS Nashville ISS and Image Armor

Visit Image Armor in Nashville May 19th-21st, 2016

2016 ISS Nashville ISS and Image Armor

The Nashville Imprinted Sportswear Show is coming up quickly and we wanted to invite you to the show! Visit the Nashville Convention Center May 19th – 21st and come and see why Image Armor is changing the industry. Find out how Image Armor can help your DTG business be more profitable this year.

You can see the difference that our pretreatments make, how we can improve your quality of prints on white, light, and dark garments as well as how you can branch into doing other types of fabrics like polyester.

For new users who have never tried Image Armor pretreatments we will have samples we will be giving away. Who knows – we might even give away some of our industry changing E-SERIES inks while we are in Music City USA!

Come and see us in booth #107 – we look forward to seeing you there!