Sub-Lime DTG Decorating? Very…

Lime Green Hanes Nano T and Image Armor Dark Shirt FormulaWhat We Printed
In our continuing efforts to educate our customers, we wanted to show a Hanes Nano T in Lime Green printed with Image Armor Dark Shirt Formula.The shirt was pretreated with 18 grams of Image Armor Dark Shirt Formula, and heat set 2x presses for 20 seconds at 330F. We utilized a teflon cover sheet for best results on the surface of the shirt.The print itself, had the CMYK ink volume cut back to keep excessive amounts of CMYK ink being deposited onto the white ink surface. If too much CMYK is deposited, the ink will pool and need to go somewhere – think of it like pouring water onto a glass table top – it will want to run somewhere because there’s too much ink. When printing on the nice smooth surface of the white ink base, you don’t need a LOT of CMYK deposited to get good coverage.

The Results
As you can see in the picture, any residue, discoloration of the shirt due to pretreatment, outside of the heat press marks, are not really visible if at all.

Again, variations of where the T-Shirts are manufactured may have “non-ideal’ water supplies and how the shirts are processed can affect the pretreatment resulting in discolorations. This will be up to the end user to test and find what works best for them.