Another Reason Image Armor is Different

Another Reason Image Armor Makes A DifferenceWe wanted to thank EVERYONE who has tried Image Armor and who have come back to us with glowing reports on how it has helped them increase their effectiveness in Direct to Garment white ink printing. From making it easier to apply to a garment and taking the guess work out of  how much to apply – everyone has found white ink DTG printing has become easier with Image Armor. What is the secret to Image Armor’s success?There are many reasons why Image Armor is setting the new standard for white ink DTG pretreating. However, one reason is that we really care about our end customers and the quality products they produce. It is our job to help you Protect Your Image. In helping you produce the best printing – pretreated surface possible, we go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that our entire process is controlled. This control gives the highest quality, purist product we can provide.

A great product begins with a great foundation, and Image Armor pretreatment begins with our state of the art water purification system. We are able to produce an extremely large volume of pure water every day that is free from chemicals and other impurities that can and does affect the final pretreatment mixture. Many other manufacturers don’t go to the extremes that Image Armor does to ensure you get the best product. This is just another reason that makes a difference…

We think like you do. You want to provide your customers with the best possible printed product. We want to provide you,our customers, with the best possible pretreatment solution. Your success is our success.

And we won’t stop working to help you Protect Your Image.