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Image Armor Dark Shirt Formula Works Well With Many Light Colored Shirts Too

Image Armor Dark Shirt Formula on Pink T-ShirtEveryone has been asking about Image Armor and we wanted to start bringing you some informative articles on using Image Armor.The current formula on the market is Image Armor Dark Shirt Formula. It sounds like it would only be good for use on dark colored shirts, right? Wrong.The image to the left is a District Threads pink cap sleeve t-shirt. We pretreated the shirt with 12 grams of Image Armor pretreatment and heat set with a teflon cover, curing it for 2x 20 second cycles. We found that on our test printer, the color laydown of CMYK (in %) needed to be reduced as it was laying down too much ink. This obviously would be dependent upon your particular printer and testing needing to be done to ensure proper printing.

So, as you can see in the picture, there is minimal, noticeable visual cues as to where the Image Armor was sprayed, and where it was not sprayed. The biggest sign was from the heat press markings – no real discolorations.

What does this mean? Well, Image Armor isn’t necessarily just for Dark shirts. Try different colors, different brands and you might be surprised at how well it works.

Just remember, that there are issues with where the shirts are manufactured. Some locations have “non-ideal’ water supplies and how they process the shirts can affect the pretreatment resulting in discolorations. This will be up to the end user to test and find what works best for them.