White Ink and WIMs Filter Change Over Notice

WIMs Filter PN LCF-24100For any users who use are looking to switch to the Image Armor E-SERIES DTG inks and are utilizing a WIMs (White Ink Management) system to recirculate their white inks, or a printer that utilizes a standard filter like the one seen to the left (usually they are inline somewhere – sometimes before the ink lines hit the print heads), here are a few things you should take notice before making the switch.

Due to the chemistry of the Image Armor inks, which allow the E-SERIES white ink to cure in 35 seconds and have great wash durability, our interaction of inks with standard fabric filters is not recommended. Many of the WIMs today are found on older DTG brand or re-branded type DTG printers. These in-line filters are easily replaced and exchanged.

The replacement filter that you want to utilize, most often found on the DTG brand, will be the PALL LCF-24100 Rigimesh (18 μm) Filter with the correspondingly correct connection mechanism. These filters replace the fabric mesh filtration material with a stainless steel filter material. Check with your local Image Armor Ink dealer to ensure that you get the correct part as most dealers should have these on hand for the conversion kits they offer.

Failure to convert or change out the filter to the stainless steel version can result in a reaction of the ink with mesh material causing “clots” to form, potentially  clogging the filter entirely or allowing the clots to breaking free and flow into other printer components like the print head and/or dampers. The inks in and of themselves will not clot or coagulate on their own, only when they come into contact with the fabric style filter material and, over time, accumulated deposits can form and result in other DTG component failures.

Check with your Image Armor dealer for more information.