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What NOT TO Do When Changing to Image Armor E-SERIES Inks

Tap-Water-300x210When you are changing from one ink set to another you want this process to go as smoothly as possible. You don’t need any issues or complications but often in the race to save a few dollars you might end up costing yourself hundreds of dollars in repairs. The process of cleaning your printer out is not difficult, but make sure you are using the correct tools to get the job done.

There are some people that will want to create their own cleaning solution from a recipe they found on the internet. They gather the components, turn on the tap at the sink and create their cocktail and flush the printer. Then, when they go to run the new E-SERIES inks through the printer they find out that there’s all sorts of problems. The dampers are clogged up or even worse – the print head is totally clogged up (or more frustratingly partially clogged but still firing and not suited for printing).

Tap water contains a bevy of chemicals that can react adversely with Direct to Garment inks. When the tap water comes into contact with the inks they can begin to gel, coagulate or get “funny” and start to clog up the inner workings of your DTG printer. This obviously is not a good thing for your printer or your mental health.Cleaning-Solution-1-Liter-250px

It is only recommended to use an authorized CLEANING Solution designed to really clean the system and break down the inks to ensure you get a proper flushing of your DTG system. In the case of switching to Image Armor E-SERIES inks you will want to make sure to use the Image Armor CLEANING Solution (red label) to make sure the process of changing inks is as smooth as possible. Our CLEANING Solution is designed to break down DTG inks and clean the printer system properly.

If you are starting fresh with a brand new printer then this is a whole different story as you won’t need to worry about flushing your old ink form the system. But on the occasion you find that you must flush your printer, do not try to save a few dollars by making your own cleaning solution or you may find out your wallet will become much lighter and your blood pressure rising. Use the proper CLEANING solution. Ask your Image Armor Dealer for more details or help on flushing your printer.