Image Armor Update Bulletin

Date: January 26th, 2016
re: White Ink Update

In November of 2015 we became aware that some of our customers were experiencing  performance issues with our white ink. We immediately  made inquiries to find out what was happening in the marketplace. The nature of the reports made it difficult to attribute the problem to a single cause or source. In the interest of caution and to ensure our customers had the best possible ink available, we quickly replaced all the ink in the field throughout our distribution chain. Since that time, we’ve discovered that it was not an issue with the ink but was due to the different handling requirement between our inks and other inks currently in the market.The entire Image Armor distribution chain has been updated to ensure they are consistently ensuring the inks remain homogenized during storage and before going to the end users. Since these procedures have been put in place no recurrences of these issues have been reported.

We encourage all of our end use customers to take a few minutes to agitate the white ink daily. This is to ensure that the ink is homogenized and to prevent any long term settling of the inks before use, whether the ink is in bottles or bags. 
Image Armor continues to work on making improvements to all of our products and particularly our white ink. We thank you for your business and your continued support with our efforts to bring new and innovative products to the DTG market.