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The CMYK Wash/Dry Cycle and DTG Printing

Image Armor Light Shirt Wash/Dry comparison


At Image Armor we work constantly to find better solutions for our customers in the Direct To Garment printing industry. And this picture is proof that we really do strive to improve DTG one shirt at a time.

“BUT… I don't NEED to pretreat my CMYK only prints on a white/light colored shirt….”

Common words spoken of by many DTG printers. Yet, a common missed opportunity.

Let's take a look at this print showing a CMYK only DTG print. The left side is a print with NO pretreatment and only has 2 wash/dry cycles on it. The right side is pretreated with 20g of our improved LIGHT Shirt Formula and has 3 wash/dry cycles.

Now, these wash/dry cycles are hot water wash, 60 minutes HOT dry cycle in a standard home washer/dryer. You can easily see a difference between the non-pretreated on the left and our pretreated on the right. And there is a full wash/dry cycle difference between the two.

This is another reason why you WANT to pretreat even your white DTG print shirts. There are better ways of doing things, and in DTG this is one of those “things”. It can improve the wash/dry durability of your finished shirts, which your customers will appreciate.

Yes, it takes a bit longer, and will cost a bit more, BUT the return on QUALITY outweighs those costs hands down. And with an incredibly soft hand feel.

This is what we do at Image Armor. Striving to make DTG better one shirt at a time. Everyday.