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Streamlined DTG Production Utilizing RFID

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Streamlined Pretreatment Production via RFID Now Available

In an effort to continually improve the Direct To Garment process i-Group Technologies has always tried to make pretreating easier. The Viper MAXX pretreatment machine is now also RFID capable with the addition of a simple and inexpensive RFID reader that plugs into the USB port of this evolutionary DTG pretreating machine.

RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) is a way to communicate quickly and easily information needed to properly set the parameters for a shirt that needs pretreated. i-Group Technologies has been working in conjunction with RTP Apparel on new RFID technology that is now woven into the shirt as a thread – the RFID capabilities become part of the shirt and are completely undetectable. With this RFID capabilities comes the entire ability to pre-set the pretreatment parameters required for that particular garment prior to it ever getting to the pretreating station.

This allows employees running the pretreating department to focus on getting product prepared and sent to the printing department with fewer rejects and higher efficiencies. Obviously this option is best suited for higher volume, on-demand DTG printing facilities. Since all the parameters can be set on the backside via a company’s integrated software system, each shirt can be programmed for that specific artwork.Other parameters can be added to the RFID capabilities to allow for ease in packing/shipping and label printing requirements to help reduce data entry errors and streamline the shipping process for the finished goods. 

RTP Apparel also has this functionality available for the Ready To Print DTG shirts which, based on custom orders of product, can be encoded with the artwork to be printed so the DTG printing operator only needs to bring the RFID encoded shirt close to the printer and it will then automatically pull up the graphics and set all the printing parameters. 

This is just another way i-Group Technologies and RTP Apparel are working to help make DTG printing easier and more streamlined. 

For more information please feel free to call 877-673-4378 or email us at [email protected].