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Why Image Armor Pretreatment Is Better

Image Armor Filtration Reasons
We have been asked over and over why Image Armor is so much better than the other pretreatments currently on the market. To answer this question would take an entire book to explain how we created a truly market changing pretreatment. It is like nothing else on the market. Those who have used Image Armor don’t want to go back to how they pretreated DTG shirts in the past.One reason why our pretreatment is so much better than the competition is that we take great pride in manufacturing Image Armor. This pride translates into continually pushing to attain the highest possible purity in our pretreatment solution. This is achieved by our unique triple step filtration system that removes the impurities that are often found in other solutions. This purity is immediately noticed if you actually feel the pretreatment. It isn’t sticky or have a glue-like feeling to the liquid. We’ve found ways to improve the pretreatment fluid itself while at the same time increasing and expanding its capabilities for white ink Direct-to-Garment printing.This is just one reason why Image Armor is taking the DTG industry by storm. Our passion is to create and lead the industry in advancing pretreatment technology. This is the only way we can continue to help Protect Your Image.