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CMYK Prints – No Pretreatment vs PRETREATED – Which is Better in DTG Printing?

Why would you want to pretreat your CMYK only direct to garment print? Especially on a white shirt?

Well…to keep your customers coming back.

Proper pretreatment for CMYK only prints really can provide a much better, durable print than an untreated DTG printed shirt. How? We can't get into our trade secrets, but when properly pretreated with Image Armor LIGHT shirt formula we see an incredible difference between shirts that are pretreated vs those that are not. The main issue is that CMYK only prints without pretreatment will look alright prior to washing, but as soon as we start the wash and dry cycle loose fibers will begin to pop up out of the printed ink film and make the image look more faded. 

The function of a good LIGHT shirt (or CMYK only pretreatment) is that is will help hold these fibers down and help them get “printed”. This way when these loose fibers start working their way up during the wash and dry cycle, the image won't look as “faded” when compared to a non-treated shirt.

This is what we try to do ever day at Image Armor. We work to find solutions to make your DTG printing much better, helping you provide your customers with a better final product. You keep your customers happy and they are more likely to bring repeat business to you and your DTG printing operations. 

Image Armor. Working to improve the DTG industry one shirt at a time.