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A Special Thank You to Everyone Who Helped Make Our Launch A Success

Front Page Image Armor Assasins Creed

Everyone at Image Armor would like to thank each and every person who helped make the launch of Image Armor Pretreatment Solutions a great success. We have been working feverishly to bring forth a new product to the DTG printing industry and with the help of everyone, the success has only begun.

Our mission is to advance the white ink direct to garment printing industry. Before today, if we are honest, white ink durability was not where it really needed to be – or what most people expected. We are proud to say the Image Armor has raised the bar of what CAN be expected from white ink DTG printers. Our end users can now expect to have one less variable to worry about during the decorating process. That’s our goal. Make the process as simple and as easy as possible so the business owner can focus on what they need to do – building their business.

I personally wanted to thank our entire network of beta-testers who were able to keep this quiet and out of the eye of the public until just recently. You were instrumental in helping us achieve a momentous day today.

I finally wanted to thank my entire staff, friends and family too. The Image Armor staff has greatly stepped up to the plate keeping the end vision in mind and giving me the time and tools to achieve something that not many have been able to achieve up to this point.

Thank you to my many friends…who supported and gave great input when needed. You know who you are.

And to my family and wife…who can’t wait for me to stop talking about Image Armor….(she has a long ways to go on that one especially since we have much more in the pipeline coming )

So, find out what all the buzz is about. Get some Image Armor for your DTG printer and start Protecting Your Image today.


Brian Walker
Image Armor