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Image Armor is Ramping Up for 9-13-13

Image Armor Pretreatment Ramp Up Process

Image Armor is ramping up production to be able to meet demand when we release this exciting new pretreatment solution on 9-13-13. Some of the comments we’ve seen from our independent testing sites are…

“This is like christmas coming early.” – spiderx1 on T-Shirt Forums

“My confidence level in what I am providing to my customers has gone thru the roof! While there is still a learning curve to getting good PT results…the curve has been flattened out substantially!!” and ” I think it is a testament to the bonding strength of the new PT which kept the print from sticking previously and it has kept the other shirts in the test looking very impressive. IMHO this new PT is a HUGE leap forward in the DTG industry!!!” and “I haven’t dialed in my exact settings for every shirt yet but the formula for getting good prints and good wash-ability has become much much easier to figure out!”  – Dekay317 on T-Shirt Forums

We let our customers do the talking. But we think that everyone will find that they can improve the quality of their printing as well as customer service. PROTECT YOUR IMAGE on 9-13-13.