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The DTG Revolution has Begun

american_revolutionThe American Revolution began in 1765 as the result of the King of England imposing taxes upon them without any representation. Through a very tumultuous time from 1765-1783, the American people fought for their freedom to be the Captains of their own destiny. They shook off the chains that held them down – the bondage of high taxes, no representation, no control over their own lives. They fought for the freedom to control their own destiny.  This unleashed the beginning of an explosion of unconstrained innovation and growth unlike that which the world had never seen before.

Well, another revolution is brewing and we are calling it the DTG Revolution. In the beginning the only beneficiaries of the DTG industry were select individuals who were able to control the market prices for machines and consumables. A market oligarchy not unlike the King of England and his cronies enjoyed for a season. The end-user DTG printer today is not unlike the Colonist in 1765. Paying high prices for supplies has kept some DTG printers from actually making money and prospering. The Freedom to make money is the yearning of every business person – and the DTG community is quickly waking up to the fact that they’ve been suppressed for too long.

This is why Image Armor is leading the DTG Revolution. In 2013 we to brought to market a better DTG white ink pretreatment. Image Armor DARK gave better performance and lower overall cost in a white ink pretreatment. In 2014 Image Armor brought the ULTRA pretreatment to market leading the charge and giving DTG printers the ability to do in-line or one-pass printing more successfully. In 2015 we’ve led the Revolution with a more cost effective solution to help the DTG printer profit more. Faster cure times (35 seconds vs 120-180 seconds), better white coverage means less ink used to achieve the same results, and $125 per liter cost which is up to 250% less than the “Establishments” pricing.Ink-Set-with-35-Second-Seal

Image Armor is proud to be helping lead the fight against artificially high prices for ink and pretreatments. We are proud to be helping bring more profitability to every DTG printer. Our goal and commitment is to continue to bring new innovation and expanded profitability to the industry. Our goal is to spread the word that you can make money in DTG competitively and run a thriving DTG business. We are proud to be at the forefront of this Revolution.

Image Armor has been on all sides of the DTG industry. We started off as screen printers. We ran DTG printers in retail businesses. We were distributors and now we are playing in the manufacturing side of the direct to garment industry. We know how hard it is to make money in DTG. We were there in the beginning. We lived the difficulty of making money printing DTG. We also recognize that EVERYONE needs to make money to stay in business. But the business model needs to be a win-win situation so that manufacturers, distributors, and DTG printers can all make money – not just the manufacturers and distributors.

The days of the “DTG Establishment” controlling the industry and only them making money are history. Just as the Colonist threw off the chains of the King of England, Image Armor is helping the DTG printer throw aside artificially high priced ink and pretreatment costs so they too can make money in their businesses.

The winds are changing and Image Armor is proud to be providing the tools for the masses to enjoy a more profitable DTG business model.

Stay tuned…