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This is what happens when pretreatment is not applied correctly

What happens when pretreatment is not applied correctlyImage Armor thought that many new users might be able to learn what happens when ink is printed over an area of a garment with no pretreatment. When pretreatment is not applied or not applied correctly to a shirt the results usually render the shirt unsellable.

In the photo above the difference is easily seen between non-pretreated and pretreated areas. What happened in the above example is a case where the image was printed over an area where the pretreatment had ended. The result of printing white ink and CMYK on top of a non-pretreated shirt (left side) results in poor coverage, the white ink not “flashing”, and a totally unusable portion of the print. Where the pretreatment had good application (right side) the print is crisp with bright whites and colors.

The lesson to learn here is to apply the correct amount of pretreatment, evenly as possible, to your shirts before you print. Otherwise, you just wasted a shirt, ink, time, and money that should have been in your pocket.