Stahls is the Newest Image Armor Pretreatment Dealer

Stahls Dealer Header

Image Armor is proud to announce that Stahl’s is our newest Image Armor pretreatment dealer. Stahl’s is well known in the industry for providing solutions in apparel decorating and carries a wide selection of print/cut materials, supplies, transfers, equipment and the new Epson SureColor direct to garment printer with which the Image Armor ULTRA and LIGHT formulas work great.

Image Armor LIGHT and ULTRA solutions are  available on Stalh’s website at and is carried at all of their facilities in the United States and Canada. Purchases can be made online or by calling 800.478.2457.

Image Armor Compliant with CPSIA of 2008

  • Image Armor Compliant with the CPSIA

Image Armor, LLC is proud to announce that the complete line of Image Armor Pretreatment products are in compliance with the 2008 Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. What this means is that there are absolutely no heavy metals used in the manufacturing of the Image Armor products making its use safe for use on products to be used by children under the age of 12.

  • No Lead (Pb)
  • No Antimoney (Sb)
  • No Arsenic (As)
  • No Barium (Ba)
  • No Cadmium (Cd)
  • No Chromium (Cr)
  • No Mercury (Hg)
  • No Selenium (Se)

This means that by being in compliance with the CPSIA Image Armor is safe to use on any products designed or intended primarily for children 12 years of age or younger, such as t-shirts, bags, blankets, towels, etc.

With Christmas season soon arriving, this is good news for anyone who does printing for infant and youth with their direct to garment printers.

If you have any further questions, you can contact Image Armor via our Contact Page.

Image Armor Available in the UK

Image Armor Now Available in the United Kingdom and Ireland

Image Armor Available in the UK
Image Armor is proud to announce that our pretreatment solutions for DTG printing are now available in the United Kingdom and Ireland through our newest distributor – J&B Sewing.

J&B Sewing HQEstablished in 1961, J & B are a leading distributor of Direct to Garment Printers, marketing both the AnaJet and Brother brand models throughout the UK and Ireland. With over eight years experience in the DTG sector J & B have a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of garment decoration. J & B were the first overseas distributor for
AnaJet and have been a Brother distributor (starting with sewing machines) since 1968. J&B carrie
s large stocks of ink and are delighted to be appointed as the distributor for the Image Armor Pretreatment Products throughout the United Kingdom.

For help and full information or to order your Image Armor pretreatments you can visit their website at or contact them by calling +44 (0)1633 281555.


Image Armor Testimonials


Tribal Graphics



“The implementation of Image Armor pretreatments into our DTG printing process has been a much needed upgrade from the former pretreats we had been using. Image Armor Dark formula has helped increase wash-fastness and white ink opacity on dark shirts while decreasing “shiny box” outlines and frustration associated with trying to dial in the amount of pretreat needed for every brand and style of garment. Image Armor Light formula has taken our light shirt prints from a washed-out look to appearing as vibrant as a water-based screen print with similar durability. IA Light has also enabled us to expand our product line beyond cotton, as we are now able to print on light 100% polyester garments with great detail and vibrancy. Thank you to Image Armor for helping Articulate Creation and the rest of the DTG industry with these revolutionary new products!”

Jeffrey McGurren Founder | Designer of Articulate Creation | Wicked Sick Tees


Interested in having your company profiled here? Send us your testimonial and you might be featured on the Image Armor Testimonial web page!

Image Armor DTG Printing Dealer Equipment Zone

Image Armor Now Carried By Equipment Zone in New Jersey

Image Armor DTG Printing Dealer Equipment Zone

Image Armor is proud to announce that Equipment Zone, located in Franklin Lakes New Jersey, is now a dealer for Image Armor pretreatments for direct to garment printing.

Equipment Zone carries a full line of DTG supplies including inks, pretreatments, printers, parts, heat presses and more. Located in Franklin Lakes, NJ. Equipment Zone now carries all three formulations of our pretreatments including the LIGHT Shirt Formula which is designed to be utilized with or without a white ink under base on white and light colored shirts. For dark shirt printing, the DARK Shirt Formula works great for most Dupont based ink sets and the ULTRA Formulation works best where a faster gelling of the white ink is required – for printers such as the Brother G3 series of printers or the new Epson F2000 garment printer.

Equipment Zone can be contact by calling 800-408-0040 or by visiting their website at

Image Armor Available Now in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean


Image Armor, LLC is proud to announce that Imaging Wholesale Corporation of Arecibo, Puerto Rico is our newest distributor for the Image Armor line of direct to garment pretreatments.

Imaging Wholesale Corporation covers all of Purto Rico and the Caribbean islands. Started by Abraham Rodríguez, IWC is known as the largest photographic and electronics imaging distribution company in Puerto Rico and has been suppliying retailers with high quality products and services since 1990. Currently, IWC sells the Anajet brand of direct to garment printers, inks, supplies, equipment and now, Image Armor Pretreatments.

For the discerning direct to garment printer in the Caribbean who need a better way to pretreat their DTG shirts, give Imaging Wholesale Corporation a call at 787-833-1747 and ask for the Image Armor brand of DTG pretreatments. Visit their website for more information.


Imaging Wholesale Corporation
Arecibo, Puerto Rico
ph: 787-833-1747
fax: 787-805-5005
alt: 787-265-6300

Image Armor Launch in Europe by DP Solutions

Image Armor Launches In Europe at 2014 Stuttgart TV TecStyle Visions Show

Image Armor Launch in Europe by DP Solutions

 Image Armor Pretreatment Solutions Launches in Europe

Image Armor is proud to announce that DP Solutions (Renchen, Germany) is now carrying the Image Armor line of pretreatment solutions for direct to garment printers. DP Solutions provides printing solutions for direct printing, metal processing, UV direct printing, textile printing, print & cut solutions and is also a dealer for the new Epson SureColor F2000 DTG textile printer.

DP Solutions HeadQuartersDP Solutions will be giving away free samples of both Image Armor LIGHT and DARK Shirt Formulas at the TV TecStyle Visions show at Messe Stuttgart February 13th-15th. So make sure to stop by their booth in Hall 4 Stand 60 to see all that DP Solutions has to offer and get a glimpse into the newest pretreatment to hit the European market.

Image Armor pretreatments are designed to increase productivity and make the pretreating process easier. Both the LIGHT and DARK Shirt formulas are completely new, resulting in better prints thanother pretreatments on the market. Better washability, brighter colors, and ease of application are just the beginning. Make sure to stop by or contact DP Solutions to see how Image Armor can help improve your business in 2014.

DP Solutions Germany

DP Solutions GmbH & Co. KG
Vogesenstr. 11
77871 Renchen
DeutschlandTelefon: +49 (0) 78 43 / 99 33 0
Fax:       +49 (0) 78 43 / 99 33 333



New Light Shirt Formula Coming Soon

Web-Header-1160x360-Light-Shirt-Formula-OnlyImage Armor is constantly working to improve the pretreating process for the DTG industry. And with our latest formulation we continue to show that we are working harder so you can focus more on your business and less on trying to figure out the pretreating process.
#39-Polyester-Pre-Wash-Close-Up-1One of the biggest issues with direct to garment printing with CMYK inks only is that most often the vibrancy and color are more “muted”. This is because the inks are water based and tend to “soak” into the shirt. While this gives a great, soft hand feel to the print it also keeps the pigments in the inks from being super bright. This is especially true after the first couple of washes.What we are working on is a new formulation that works great with both 100% polyester and 100% cotton shirts (meaning everything in between will work great too!) that gives you the best of both worlds. We are calling this new formula our Light Shirt Formula.On the 100% polyester shirts it reduces ink wicking, or bleeding, while making the print look like a sublimation print. For 100% cotton printing, our new CMYK Formulation helps the inks sit higher up on the shirt while anchoring the ink to the shirt giving great wash ability, extending the life of the print and shirt beyond just printing an image onto a non-pretreated shirt.We will keep you posted on the development and release of this new formula which we hope to have available in the next couple of weeks. Just in time for before Christmas!#39 Polyester Pre Wash Close Up 1

As you can see in the photograph above, the left side has absolutely NO pretreatment on it, while the right side was pretreated with 16.5 grams of the new Light Shirt Formula on a 100% polyester shirt. This is pre-washing, but you can see a huge difference already in the final print. Image Armor Light Shirt Formula intensifies the print making it comparable or even surpassing results you can get from sublimation – at a fraction of the price.

Below is a picture of the same pretreatment, but on a 100% cotton shirt. Again, left side has no pretreatment while the right side is pretreated with the new Light Shirt formula. The results speak for themselves and begs the question as to why anyone would print a white or light colored shirt without pretreating given the intensity and wash fastness Image Armor provides.

Image Armor CMYK Formula 100% Cotton Test Print

You can see our 5x wash/dry update here.




White Parchment-Bakers Paper and PT Crystallization

What Not To Do When Curing Image Armor Pretreatment

White Parchment-Bakers Paper and PT CrystallizationWhat is Going On?
There are many factors when pretreating you should pay attention to to ensure you get the best, possible printing surface for your white ink.In this image you can see the pretreatment has crystallized. Normally, this will not happen however there are circumstances where it will crystallize and it is easy to remedy. (NOTE: The crystallization usually will wash out in the first laundrying).

We pretreated like normal, however when we went to cure the pretreatment on the heat press we utilized a common paper – a parchment/Baker’s type paper. This necessarily would not have been an issue, however what we did next was the cause of the crystallization appearing on the shirt.

The parchment paper was left on the shirt, to cool down, trapping steam from the pretreatment under the paper and next to the surface of the garment. The steam then cooled, and crystals formed and adhered under the paper on the surface of the shirt. The result is what you see in the picture.

The Remedy
To keep crystallization from forming and “ruining” a good t-shirt, make sure to peel your paper immediately after the heat press has opened. This will allow the steam to escape. Plus, the paper can pull the fibers of the shirt up (think of it like a micro velcro) resulting in a lot of stray fibers sticking up and resulting in a very poor, rough, white ink surface.

Another note is that you can’t re-use (it is not recommended) the parchment paper. Some pretreatment will cool on the paper and crystallize on the surface of the paper. The next time you use the paper it might transfer onto the surface of the t-shirt, revealing the crystals. Utilizing a teflon sheet and wiping it down after each pressing will remove any pretreatment residue so that it does not transfer to another shirt or print. Plus, the teflon will help give a much smoother surface on which to print.