Printing 100% Polyester Shirts with the Epson F2000 DTG Printer

Image Armor Polyester Printing with the Epson F2000Printing 100% Polyester Shirts with the Epson F2000 DTG Printer

Printing on 100% polyester fabrics has always been problematic. The colors are not vibrant, the image clarity is fuzzy due to bleeding, and the wash durability is not the best. There have not been many options for the Epson F2000 DTG users up to this point.

In our tests we have shown that the Image Armor LIGHT Shirt Formula works great making the improbable look fantastic on 100% polyester garments with the Epson F2000 Direct to Garment printer.

Simply apply 18-22 grams of Image Armor LIGHT Shirt Formula to most 100% white or light colored polyester fabrics (test prior to any production run) and heat set with two 20 second heat presses. Ensure the pretreatment is dry, and then print and cure your ink like normal. You can see the full shirt image we printed and has at this point been washed 9 times. It is visible how the left side which was pretreated with the LIGHT Shirt Formula looks much better, crisper, and more vibrant than the right side which had no pretreatment.

Start expanding your offerings to include 100% polyester garments that you can print for your customers with your Epson F2000. If you have never tried the LIGHT Shirt Formula, you can get a free sample by visiting this page.

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