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RTP Apparel Utilizing Image Armor Technology with the New M&R Maverick DTG Printer is a Production Machine

There were some exciting new developments that were unveiled at the 2019 Printing United (formerly known as SGIA) in Dallas during the October 23rd-25th 2019 show. M&R showcased their newest Direct To Garment printer the Maverick. This new DTG printer had some very unique and new additions that would appear to help propel direct to garment printing to higher productivity outputs. The addition to heat presses in the printer to “prepress” the shirts prior to printing as well as what appeared to be quartz heating elements on either side of the print head carriage helped add to the production capabilities of this unique printer.

When RTP Apparel was added to the mix, the Maverick became a real production output machine. RTP Apparel requires NO PRETREATING but should be heat pressed prior to printing. Since the new M&R Maverick does this in the machine for a few seconds prior to printing, true PICK PRINT CURE productivity in DTG can now be achieved. 

As of the time of this blog article, there were no direct information on the new Maverick available on the web. But, the short video below definitely gives an idea of how this machine can be used in DTG to benefit certain shops by streamlining the entire production process.