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Brother GT3 Inks Getting Closer

Brother GT3 Owl Print Perspective

New B-SERIES Inks On The Way

The Brother GT3 Ink sets are just around the corner. We are doing final field trials and wanted to show some stuff we were printing to give rise to your imagination. The new B-Series Image Armor inks are performing incredibly well in the Brother GT3 printers and with the Image Armor pretreatments.

Brother GT3 DTG printer with Image Armor InksMost Brother users will not see any real changes in their day to day activities. The B-Series inks continue the Image Armor tradition of a great 35 second cure time for white ink with increased wash durability and ease of use.

Interested parties can sign up on our SUBSCRIBE page to get updates as we release more information (or click the SUBSCRIBE link in the menu bar at the top of this page). Final pricing has not yet been set, however pricing is expected to be significantly less than the current Brother ink prices. This means more profit for your business and better end products for your customers.

In addition, the B-Series inks perform incredibly well with the new RTP Apparel Ready To Print DTG engineered t-shirts that require no pretreatment. Just pick, print, and cure… for more information see the RTP Apparel website at