E-SERIES DX5 & DX7 Printhead DTG inks E-SERIES Inks for DX5 & DX7 Printheads: The E-SERIES DTG inks are designed to work in all DX5 & DX7 printheads and give great performance in these printers. Designed to cure the white ink in 35 seconds you can get more production out while keeping quality to the highest level... Read more.

B-Series DTG Inks for Brother GT3

Print More. Pay Less. GT3 Replacement Inks Image Armor is proud to announce the release of the new B-SERIES DTG inks for the GT3 line of DTG printers. Easy bag replacement and $99 per bag makes printing with this DTG workhorse even more profitable. View More...

F-Series DTG Inks for F-2000 F-2000/2100 35 Second Cure Time Replacement Inks Save Time. Save Money. 35 Second White Ink Cure Time: The NEW F-SERIES DTG inks are replacement cartridges for the Epson F-2000 DTG printer. Featuring our popular 35 second white ink cure time and a savings of 30% over OEM inks - these are a must have addition to your DTG print business... Read more.

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R-Series DTG inks for Ricoh Printheads

Tired of pretreating shirts? Yeah... we understand. This is why we partnered with RTP Apparel to help produce the industry's most influential product for 2017. A T-Shirt that is READY TO PRINT. Just Pick. Print. Cure... SEE MORE.

Image Armor Pretreatments are California Proposition 65 Compliant, Lead Free, Phthalate Free and CPSIA Approved. Learn more.

Image Armor CLEANING Solution

NBM Columbus, Ohio Date: September 12-14th, 2019 Booth #935 Place: Columbus Convention Center ISS Ft Worth, TX Date: October 3rd-5th, 2019 Booth #806 Place: Ft Worth Convention Center

It's Wintertime and it can be a tricky time for Direct To Garment printer. Here we take a look at some things you can do to reduce the Wintertime DTG Blues. 

Direct To Garment Tips & Tricks - Utilizing an "old school" technique of hang tags to generate more awareness about your DTG business.

Image Armor Pretreatments and Cleaners

Image Armor Pretreatments are CPST Compliant
Image Armor, LLC is proud to announce that the complete line of Image Armor Pretreatment products are in compliance with the 2008 Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. What this means is that there are absolutely no heavy metals used in the manufacturing of the Image Armor products making its use safe for use on products to be used by children under the age of 12. SEE MORE