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Image Armor Aerosols – Pretreatments in a Spray Can


After a year of hard work, Image Armor is proud to announce the newest product release to its popular line of pretreatment solutions for DTG printers. Aerosol versions of the LIGHT Shirt and DARK Shirt Formulas are now available in 16oz Net Weight spray cans. These spray cans will allow for 20-50 pretreated shirts per can depending on the sprayed image area and the amount applied.

Their unique foaming action that allows you to more easily see exactly where you have pretreated and how much you’ve applied. After application you can either brush or squeegee down the fibers or just got straight to the heat press.

LIGHT Shirt Formula Aerosol Spray Can features:

  • Increased vibrancy and image sharpness on 100% cotton, 50/50 blends, and 100% polyester.
  • Sublimation like images on 100% polyester fabrics when printing white and light colored shirts.
  • Great for improving the quality of prints.
  • Can print and use white as an underbase or just a highlight with the LIGHT Shirt Formula.

DARK Shirt Formula Aerosol Spray Can features:

  • White ink printing on mid dark to black colored 100% cotton garments.
  • Quick, easy application without setting up the pretreatment machine.

Now you can have ease of use and quickly pretreat a single garment without firing up the pretreatment machine and worrying about having to clean it out when done. Simply shake the can  well, apply to the pretreated area until it is covered in layer of foam, and heat press as you normally would any other pretreatment. Then print! Depending on the

Image Armor Aerosol Spray Cans are shipping now to distributors and customers. Find where you can purchase Image Armor products by visiting our Dealer Page.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE:1. Shake Aerosol Spray Can well.
2. Holding the nozzle 6″ off the surface of the shirt will result in a 4″+ wide spray area. The further you hold the nozzle away, the larger the spray area.
3. Spray in straight line areas. If doing a larger area, do multiple passes. A 12″ high area would be 3 passes (left to right or up and down) at 6″ from the garment surface.
4. After spraying, wipe the nozzle clean, turn the can upside down and spray for a second or two to clear the tip and line, and replace can cap.