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How to Conquer Safety Green – A DTG Pretreatment Discussion

Image Armor DTG Pretreatment on Safety GreenDTG printing is a great method of garment decorating. However, anytime we want to print white ink we need to pretreat the garment. This provides us a foundation on which we can print the white ink and achieve amazing prints on virtually any colored garment. However, there are some shirts and colors that are incredibly difficult keep from discoloring or leaving a DTG pretreatment stain on the garment.

In this video, we take a look at a Jerzees 50/50 Safety Green shirt, which can sometimes be an incredibly difficult color and shirt to print DTG on. We utilized our new Titanium pretreatment which gives us several benefits. One is that we do not need to worry about any interaction or reaction with sunlight and the pretreated areas. Virtually all DTG pretreatments on the market today that are designed for white ink printing will discolor and yellow in direct, and even indirect, sunlight. Titanium removes this issues because we know that most customers will NOT wash their shirts prior to wearing, which (if they do wash it) can remove the issue of UV discoloration. But – most customers don't.

The second issue is DTG pretreatment staining. Some shirts and some colors are incredibly prone to DTG pretreatment discoloration. Sometimes there just is nothing we can do to prevent this. It isn't necessarily the pretreatments fault or the person applying the pretreatment. Sometimes it is just poor quality dyes used in the shirt that will react with components in the pretreatment. These less expensive dyes are used to save money and create a less expensive shirt, but at a cost for the DTG printer.

Image Armor's newest pretreatment, TITANIUM, tends to perform incredibly well in both of the above mentioned areas that can cause issues for even the most experienced DTG printer. We have been able to develop a pretreatment that will not UV discolor when exposed to sunlight and has less of a tendency to discolor on the shirt. Now, if you watch this video, you will hear me explain that sometimes after removing the shirt from the heat press, immediately there after you may see a discolored area where the pretreatment was applied. We've found that with TITANIUM this discoloration, if it happens, tends to fade out with time. 

It is similar to when you heat press a red shirt and the heat discolors the heated area for a while (and sometimes forever) but typically will then fade back to a shade close to the original. Heat does crazy things to garments.

So, I wondered what would happen if I tried a Jerzees 50/50 Safety Green Shirt. Check it out in this most recent video from our Image Armor video series!