Image Armor FREE Pretreatment Trial Offer


It looks like you scanned our bar code or found out about our FREE quart sample program for DTG printers who have not tried the Image Armor product yet. Complete the following form COMPLETELY and we'll send you quart samples of our Image Armor ULTRA and LIGHT Shirt Formulas. 

We believe in our products so much that we will send them to you at no cost. How many other businesses do you  know will do that for you? It is our way of helping DTG owners continue to improve their printing process and make better DTG shirts. 

There are limitations and restrictions on this offer. You must have never tried our products before (we will be cross checking with a variety of records to verify before shipping), you must be located in the United States. We will not ship out pretreatment to countries outside the USA. There are distributors around the world and they can be contacted for samples if you live outside the USA. 

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What DTG Printers do you use in your shop?*
What Pretreatments and Inks do you currently use?*

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