100% Black Polyester with Image Armor ULTRA and 10 Washes In (Using Epson OEM Inks)

An update on our Epson OEM inks and Image Armor ULTRA pretreatment print on a Black 100% Polyester Sport-Tek ST340 shirt: 10 washes in and still absolutely no degradation in the image. It looks incredible with the white ink still extremely white and the reds still popping.  Again, this was printed on the Epson F2100 with OEM inks. We just used Image Armor ULTRA and pretreated like normal, printing like normal. 

So, if anyone tells you it is not possible… I think this disproves that.  See our original article here: http://imagearmorpt.com/printing-black-100-polyester-with-the-epson-f2100-and-oem-ink/

100% Black Polyester DTG Printing with Epson F2100 and OEM Ink is Possible

Printing BLACK 100% Polyester with the Epson F2100 and OEM Ink

100% Black Polyester DTG Printing with Epson F2100 and OEM Ink is PossiblePRINTING 100% POLYESTER WITH THE EPSON F2100

We just got our new Epson F2100 DTG printer in for testing and wanted to show you what you can do with the Image Armor DTG pretreatment products.  We are excited to report our first tests and we started with 100% Black polyester fabrics.

We took a Sport-Tek ST340 Black polyester shirt and pretreated it with Image Armor ULTRA. We heat pressed the pretreatment completely dry and then printed the polyester shirt as we would any other 100% cotton garment. We did increase the white underbase from 0% to a 20% increase in white (which may not have been needed) and then let the printer do its thing (We used the highest quality setting for the WHITE and the Color layers). After printing we cured the inks using extremely LIGHT pressure on a regular heat press and cured the ink at a full 338F for 90 seconds (using a kraft cover sheet). I did actually allow the print to sit under the heat press for a few minutes prior to pressing.

The direct to garment print we got was INCREDIBLE looking. White and red ink on a black 100% polyester shirt. I love the stark contrast of those colors, but what was even more striking was the print in the picture here has already been washed 4 times already. FOUR. 

There is virtually NO degradation on the print at all. The shirt looks incredible and will continue to wash incredible due to the Image Armor technology that can be used for 100% cotton and some polyester fabrics. So, if anyone tells you you need a special pretreatment, special ink, or special printer, don’t believe them (though we do discuss below the fact that the Image Armor pretreatments ARE NOT a magic silver bullet for polyester printing)! It is possible and this test print proves it.

We will be exploring the best settings for doing this type of polyester printing with a conveyor dryer to help you achieve similar results minus the heat press marks (coming soon) as well as best practices for using heat presses to avoid press mark issues.

Now, we will preface this article with a disclaimer. You will NOT be able to do ALL polyester fabrics. There are NO MAGIC SILVER BULLETS when it comes to DTG and polyester printing. Dye migration is still an extremely pesky issue we will have to deal with when DTG printing (for a short while longer). So, doing RED colored polyester shirts will still be elusive. Even some LIGHTER colored shirts may react adversely with the pretreatment when applied and heated. This is usually related to an interaction of the dyes and the pretreatment. So, a lot of testing may be in order to find certain brands and colors that WILL work for you and the Image Armor ULTRA project. However, BLACK polyester will be one of the EASIEST 100% polyester shirts to print (depending on the brand and style # used).

But, with this test we end up showing that if you own an Epson F2100 printer with OEM inks, you CAN print polyester TODAY.


New RTP Apparel Prints Incredibly Well on Epson F2000

New RTP Apparel Prints Incredibly Well on Epson F2000

Epson F2000 Print on RTP Apparel Ready To Print DTG ShirtsAt the 2016 Ft. Worth Imprinted Sportswear Show we had an opportunity to show off the Image Armor technology being used in the new RTP Apparel shirts. These shirts are engineered for DTG printing..

The RTP Apparel stands for Ready To Print. There is absolutely no pretreatment process necessary for these shirts to be DTG ready. Simply heat press for 10-15 seconds to get rid of any moisture in the shirts, load, and print.

We would like to thank Equipment Zone for printing this awesome design on their Epson F2000. It was noted that this design was printed with the Garment Creator standard default settings for white ink. We were told that they would utilize the next bump up in white ink enhanced printing to achieve the same results they got with just the default printer settings (see inset).

We have heard this multiple times from our RTP Apparel field testers. The report has been they have gotten as good or better prints with the RTP Apparel shirts than they could with machine pretreated shirts.

Also, RTP Apparel shirts allow for printing anywhere on the garment. You can print on the front, back, side, sleeve, with no additional preparation necessary. Just load the shirt and print. This allows for more creative and larger prints to be achieved with no staining or discoloration issues that can sometimes happen with “normal” shirts.

The interest in RTP Apparel shirts has been extremely high and we recommend signing up on the RTP Apparel website to “get in line” to be able to purchase these new ready to print shirts. Learn more on the RTP Apparel website.

Image Armor Polyester Printing with the Epson F2000

Printing 100% Polyester Shirts with the Epson F2000 DTG Printer

Image Armor Polyester Printing with the Epson F2000Printing 100% Polyester Shirts with the Epson F2000 DTG Printer

Printing on 100% polyester fabrics has always been problematic. The colors are not vibrant, the image clarity is fuzzy due to bleeding, and the wash durability is not the best. There have not been many options for the Epson F2000 DTG users up to this point.

In our tests we have shown that the Image Armor LIGHT Shirt Formula works great making the improbable look fantastic on 100% polyester garments with the Epson F2000 Direct to Garment printer.

Simply apply 18-22 grams of Image Armor LIGHT Shirt Formula to most 100% white or light colored polyester fabrics (test prior to any production run) and heat set with two 20 second heat presses. Ensure the pretreatment is dry, and then print and cure your ink like normal. You can see the full shirt image we printed and has at this point been washed 9 times. It is visible how the left side which was pretreated with the LIGHT Shirt Formula looks much better, crisper, and more vibrant than the right side which had no pretreatment.

Start expanding your offerings to include 100% polyester garments that you can print for your customers with your Epson F2000. If you have never tried the LIGHT Shirt Formula, you can get a free sample by visiting this page.

Stahls is the Newest Image Armor Pretreatment Dealer

Stahls Dealer Header

Image Armor is proud to announce that Stahl’s is our newest Image Armor pretreatment dealer. Stahl’s is well known in the industry for providing solutions in apparel decorating and carries a wide selection of print/cut materials, supplies, transfers, equipment and the new Epson SureColor direct to garment printer with which the Image Armor ULTRA and LIGHT formulas work great.

Image Armor LIGHT and ULTRA solutions are  available on Stalh’s website at www.stahls.com and is carried at all of their facilities in the United States and Canada. Purchases can be made online or by calling 800.478.2457.

Image Armor Helps Protect the newest Epson DTG Printer on the market

Image Armor Helps Protect the Prints from Epson’s New Direct to Garment Printer

Image Armor Helps Protect the newest Epson DTG Printer on the market

Thanks to some of our Image Armor Pretreatment beta testers it has been found that  Image Armor Dark Shirt Formula works incredibly well with the new Epson SureColor F2000 direct to garment printer. As can be seen in the pictures above, without having been able to test various settings, a user on the T-Shirt Forums was able to post images of the printed shirts utilizing Image Armor Dark Shirt pretreatment formula. With little more than a hunch and some pre-pretreated shirts, Dekay317 was able to post an initial review of the new printer as well as images of shirts printed on Image Armor Dark Shirt Formula.

We welcomes Epson to the direct-to-garment printing arena and are excited to be helping advance the DTG printing industry with our new ground breaking pretreatment formula. Image Armor Dark will be released at 12:00 pm on Friday September 13th, 2013. Make sure to visit our website at www.imagearmorpt.com for more information on the launch of our exciting new product and where you can purchase it!