Ricoh – Image Armor TRY BEFORE YOU BUY Pretreatment Offer



Image Armor is so confident that our DTG Pretreatment Solutions can make a difference in your shop that we are willing to send to you a free sample quart of the LIGHT Shirt and ULTRA Dark Shirt pretreatment formulations. All you have to do is fill out the form below completely and we'll send you some of the DTG Industry's leading pretreatment solutions at NO COST.

Ricoh and Image Armor have teamed up to make the offer to you because we know that using and applying the proper pretreatment can make your DTG printing successful. The Image Armor LIGHT Shirt formulation is designed mainly for CMYK only printing on white and light colored garments. It will give you brighter colors, more vibrant details and better wash durability. The ULTRA Dark Shirt Formulation is designed for colored and black garments where white ink is printed giving you incredibly fast white ink gel times and better wash durability with a wider pretreatment application window that most other pretreatments.

Just complete the form below completely and we'll send out your pretreatments as quickly as we can. After you've had a chance to receive the pretreatments and try them out someone will followup with you to see how you liked the Image Armor family of pretreatment products. We know you'll like the ease of use and how it makes your DTG printing more successful and your prints look better - that's why we are doing this FREE offer.

We look forward to helping you grow your DTG business with Image Armor Pretreatment Solutions!

New R-SERIES Image Armor Inks for Ricoh GEN4 Printheads

Image Armor is excited to announce the release of the new R-Series DTG Inks for all Ricoh GEN4 printheads.

The new R-Series inks maintain the legendary characteristics of our original E-Series inks which include:

  • 35 Second White ink cure time
  • Incredible Stretch-ability
  • Great Wash Fastness
  • Intense and Vibrant Colors
  • More Cost Effective than Competition

The R-Series inks work great with Anajet mPower series prints as well as M&R M-Link (that uses the GEN4 printheads). Since these printers are generally faster than other printers on the market due to the higher output of the actual printhead, one of the biggest hold backs with standard inks will be the cure times. Standard inks used take 90 to 180 seconds to cure the white ink (1.5-3 minutes). The printer can often times print faster than you can cure with a standard heat press. This is a major problem for anyone pushing numbers through their shop. With a 35 second cure time of the new R-Series Image Armor inks you can now keep up with your DTG printer. No more waiting around. The bottleneck now becomes the printer – not curing the ink.

Combine the speed of these printers with the new RTP Apparel shirts that require NO pretreating and you’re off and running in a major productivity enhanced environment. 

Increased throughput, cost per print, and overall quality make the new R-Series inks a great addition to your shop. Find out more by talking to a dealer that carries the new R-Series Inks.