RTP Apparel Utilizing Image Armor Technology with the New M&R Maverick DTG Printer is a Production Machine

There were some exciting new developments that were unveiled at the 2019 Printing United (formerly known as SGIA) in Dallas during the October 23rd-25th 2019 show. M&R showcased their newest Direct To Garment printer the Maverick. This new DTG printer had some very unique and new additions that would appear to help propel direct to garment printing to higher productivity outputs. The addition to heat presses in the printer to “prepress” the shirts prior to printing as well as what appeared to be quartz heating elements on either side of the print head carriage helped add to the production capabilities of this unique printer.

When RTP Apparel was added to the mix, the Maverick became a real production output machine. RTP Apparel requires NO PRETREATING but should be heat pressed prior to printing. Since the new M&R Maverick does this in the machine for a few seconds prior to printing, true PICK PRINT CURE productivity in DTG can now be achieved. 

As of the time of this blog article, there were no direct information on the new Maverick available on the web. But, the short video below definitely gives an idea of how this machine can be used in DTG to benefit certain shops by streamlining the entire production process.


Simple Green as a DTG Printer Cleaner

Simple-GreenI have recently been told by several people that Simple Green cleaner is being recommended by printer manufacturers to flush their DTG printer. While Simple Green is a great general cleaner for a variety of surfaces you definitely DO NOT want to use this in your DTG printer.

One person who reported this to Image Armor said they had used Simple Green to clean their printer fluid lines and print heads, however soon after had to replace the dampers due to ink clogging. It was even reported that several manufacturers are now commonly telling DTG users that Simple Green is the best cleaner to use and they don’t need to use specific DTG ink flushing or cleaning solutions. There are several reasons why this statement is not true and could lead to issues in your DTG printer if you do try to clean your system with these products.
After reviewing the components within Simple Green, there is a specific component that we found will NEGATIVELY react with the inks and can cause serious gelling or coagulation of the inks within the ink fluid system – including dampers and heads. Other “popularly” recommended cleaner are Windex. This is another one of the those solutions that we would not recommend for using within a DTG system. Many of these popular “home remedies” for flushing your printer can very likely lead to more serious issues. These home remedies can be exacerbated by using tap water (most often contains minerals and salts that can be bad) to using water the is “too pure” which can also cause issues with the inks. This is why ink manufacturers such as Image Armor have developed specific formulations to help clean, flush, and break down ink to make it safer for your DTG printer.

So, while using Simple Green might be recommended for general cleaning of surfaces and other areas it is definitely NOT recommended to clean your DTG printer, unless you really want to install new printer heads, dampers, and maybe complete ink lines.

Spectra DTG Ships New Image Armor E-SERIES with All New Printers Sold

SpectraDTG-3000-printer-E-SERIES-InkImage Armor, LLC is proud to announce that Spectra DTG which produces the cost effective Spectra 3000 Direct to Garment printer is now exclusively shipping all new printers with the Image Armor E-SERIES™ DTG Inks.

The new E-SERIES™ inks designed with a 35 second white ink cure time and improved wash fastness combined with the inexpensive yet highly functional Spectra 3000 is a combination made to help new DTG printers be more successful. The easy to use inks will help keep production times lower, with better performance making this combination an ideal solution to the screen printer looking to get into Direct to Garment printing.

All new Spectra DTG printers will ship with a complete set of Image E-SERIES™ inks. More information can be found on Spectra DTG’s website at spectradtg.com.

What NOT TO Do When Changing to Image Armor E-SERIES Inks

Tap-Water-300x210When you are changing from one ink set to another you want this process to go as smoothly as possible. You don’t need any issues or complications but often in the race to save a few dollars you might end up costing yourself hundreds of dollars in repairs. The process of cleaning your printer out is not difficult, but make sure you are using the correct tools to get the job done.

There are some people that will want to create their own cleaning solution from a recipe they found on the internet. They gather the components, turn on the tap at the sink and create their cocktail and flush the printer. Then, when they go to run the new E-SERIES inks through the printer they find out that there’s all sorts of problems. The dampers are clogged up or even worse – the print head is totally clogged up (or more frustratingly partially clogged but still firing and not suited for printing).

Tap water contains a bevy of chemicals that can react adversely with Direct to Garment inks. When the tap water comes into contact with the inks they can begin to gel, coagulate or get “funny” and start to clog up the inner workings of your DTG printer. This obviously is not a good thing for your printer or your mental health.Cleaning-Solution-1-Liter-250px

It is only recommended to use an authorized CLEANING Solution designed to really clean the system and break down the inks to ensure you get a proper flushing of your DTG system. In the case of switching to Image Armor E-SERIES inks you will want to make sure to use the Image Armor CLEANING Solution (red label) to make sure the process of changing inks is as smooth as possible. Our CLEANING Solution is designed to break down DTG inks and clean the printer system properly.

If you are starting fresh with a brand new printer then this is a whole different story as you won’t need to worry about flushing your old ink form the system. But on the occasion you find that you must flush your printer, do not try to save a few dollars by making your own cleaning solution or you may find out your wallet will become much lighter and your blood pressure rising. Use the proper CLEANING solution. Ask your Image Armor Dealer for more details or help on flushing your printer.