B-Series DTG Inks for Brother GT3

Image Armor B-Series Inks Now Available in Canada Through DTGInkCanada.com

Brother GT3 B-Series Inks for DTG printing

Image Armor B-Series Inks Now Available in Canada Through DTGInkCanada.com

The Image Armor B-Series inks, which are a third party ink solution for the Brother GT3 DTG printer, are now available in Canada through DTGInksCanada.com based out of Manitoba. These inks feature the same cure time and color characteristics of the original OEM inks.

The B-Series inks are a drop in bag replacement and not an entire cartridge. The original OEM cartridges are used, opened and the original OEM bag removed. The new 380cc B-Series bags are inserted into the cart, the cartridge is then closed up and used in the printer like normal.

It is highly recommended to not mix the OEM and Image Armor B-Series Inks and the white inks should be replaced when the weekly flushing routine is finished and white ink is ready to be reloaded into the printer. The CMYK can be loaded behind the OEM and filled with an Initial Cleaning. See our PDF on converting the  B-SERIES Inks Conversion Document – PDF Version.

For more information and to purchase visit www.dtginkcanada.com or by calling 204-505-5440.

New B-SERIES Inks Coming and 50/50 Shirt Printing

b-series-50-50-shirt-with-and-without-pt-sample-300pxThings are progressing very well with the B-SERIES of Image Armor inks. The B-Series are the latest DTG inks for the Brother GT series of direct to garment printers. We are really working hard to make sure the B-Series competes and excels in color intensity, wash and price points for everyone who owns a Brother series garment printer.

The sample image to the left shows the difference too what printing with the B-SERIS of inks can do in conjunction with our Image Armor LIGHT Shirt pretreatment. Both shirts are printed on Jerseys 50/50 29M t-shirts but the left side is pretreated with Image Armor LIGHT. The right side has no pretreatment.

While the right side still looks good, you will see an amazing transformation using the LIGHT Shirt formula that improves image sharpness and color intensity. Generally polyester blends will have colors that are muted but combining our B-SERIES inks with the LIGHT Shirt Formula the shirt print is taken to the next level.

More information will be coming soon in regards to the Brother inks and the official release date and price points.