Image Armor Now Available in 5 Gallon Totes

Image Armor Now Available in 5 Gallon TotesImage Armor Dark Shirt Formula is now available in 5 gallon totes (20 liters) for those that do more volume and require more pretreatment to keep their shops printing. Available from all our distributors and ready for shipment, the 5 gallon tote of Image Armor is ready to use right out of the container. No more mixing, no worrying about your water quality affecting the performance of the pretreatment. Just spray, cure, and print.Image Armor 5 Gallon totePlus with Image Armor’s brand new formulation, it is definitely unlike anything else you have tried. A wider application window means you don’t have to apply the “exact” amount to get a good, wash fastness print. More is actually better with Image Armor, so if you are pretreating by hand with a Wagner power sprayer it makes getting a good pretreated shirt a cinch. When in doubt, add a little more…In addition, there’s little to no crystallization when the shirt is heat pressed to cure the pretreatment. Reduce or eliminate that ugly, unsightly pretreatment mark on the shirt prior to printing.Image Armor is ready to help you Protect Your Image. Check out our distributors list to find out where you can purchase it today. Hurry! Our special pricing is only good through October 31st, 2013!