Image Armor is hitting the road this Friday

Image Armor Hits the Road this Friday

Image Armor is set to hit the road in two days!

We are launching Image Armor this Friday the 13th. Not only has the response been incredible from our testing sites, but there’s much more coming that will help advance the DTG industry and white ink printing to help bring it more into the mainstream. Our goal is to help the DTG printing shop compete more with the screen printing market. Image Armor provides more confidence in white ink direct to garment printing. Stop worrying about shirts coming back because of too much pretreatment applied and unhappy customers. With Image Armor, we help minimize the main issues many people have with pretreating.

So, make sure to jump on Route 55 this Friday! Image Armor will be hitting the road this Friday and coming to a DTG shop near you. Make sure to stop back Friday the 13th, 2013 at 12:00 noon when we will be updating our website with more information on the where’s, the who’s, and the how much’s!

Get ready to set your DTG printer on cruise control with easier printing due to better pretreating!

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