Another Reason Image Armor Makes A Difference

Another Reason Image Armor is Different

Another Reason Image Armor Makes A DifferenceWe wanted to thank EVERYONE who has tried Image Armor and who have come back to us with glowing reports on how it has helped them increase their effectiveness in Direct to Garment white ink printing. From making it easier to apply to a garment and taking the guess work out of  how much to apply – everyone has found white ink DTG printing has become easier with Image Armor. What is the secret to Image Armor’s success?There are many reasons why Image Armor is setting the new standard for white ink DTG pretreating. However, one reason is that we really care about our end customers and the quality products they produce. It is our job to help you Protect Your Image. In helping you produce the best printing – pretreated surface possible, we go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that our entire process is controlled. This control gives the highest quality, purist product we can provide.

A great product begins with a great foundation, and Image Armor pretreatment begins with our state of the art water purification system. We are able to produce an extremely large volume of pure water every day that is free from chemicals and other impurities that can and does affect the final pretreatment mixture. Many other manufacturers don’t go to the extremes that Image Armor does to ensure you get the best product. This is just another reason that makes a difference…

We think like you do. You want to provide your customers with the best possible printed product. We want to provide you,our customers, with the best possible pretreatment solution. Your success is our success.

And we won’t stop working to help you Protect Your Image.

Press release for Image Armor

Image Armor PR Siege Is Underway

Press release for Image Armor

Image Armor is heading into the fall season with a full frontal campaign to let everyone know about our new products that are literally changing the Direct to Garment industry. Here are a couple of screen shots from the digital pages as well as our presence in the industry trade magazines. Our intent is to make sure that every single white ink DTG decorator knows the value of using Image Armor. Help us Protect Your Image. Tell your friends!

Full page advertisement for Image Armor

Image Armor Filtration Reasons

Why Image Armor Pretreatment Is Better

Image Armor Filtration Reasons
We have been asked over and over why Image Armor is so much better than the other pretreatments currently on the market. To answer this question would take an entire book to explain how we created a truly market changing pretreatment. It is like nothing else on the market. Those who have used Image Armor don’t want to go back to how they pretreated DTG shirts in the past.One reason why our pretreatment is so much better than the competition is that we take great pride in manufacturing Image Armor. This pride translates into continually pushing to attain the highest possible purity in our pretreatment solution. This is achieved by our unique triple step filtration system that removes the impurities that are often found in other solutions. This purity is immediately noticed if you actually feel the pretreatment. It isn’t sticky or have a glue-like feeling to the liquid. We’ve found ways to improve the pretreatment fluid itself while at the same time increasing and expanding its capabilities for white ink Direct-to-Garment printing.This is just one reason why Image Armor is taking the DTG industry by storm. Our passion is to create and lead the industry in advancing pretreatment technology. This is the only way we can continue to help Protect Your Image.

Image Armor Why it Is Better

New DTG Pretreatment Formula Is Unlike Anything Else On The Market

100 Percent Polyester Grey Full Shirt FootballerNEW WHITE INK DTG FORMULA WILL CHANGE THE INDUSTRY

Image Armor is proud to announce its new formulas for both Dark Shirts and Light Shirts is changing the direct to garment industry. Unlike anything else on the market currently, Image Armor takes the hassles of pretreating and minimizing them to help users achieve spectacular results with less worries of pretreatment failure.

Some of the new characteristics of Image Armor are:

  • New Formulation. This truly is a brand new formula for white ink DTG printing. It is unlike anything currently on the market and NOT a repackaging of any other pretreatment currently on the market.
  • Much wider application window. Though you can still apply too little pretreatment, there is no worries anymore of applying too much pretreatment which, with other pretreatments, will cause peeling, flaking, and poor wash-ability. Image Armor helps protect you from customer returns due to poor wash fastness.
  • Little to No Crystallization When Heat Pressed. Traditionally many users found that shirts might show white, crystalized flakes in the pretreated areas of the shirt when heat pressed. Image Armor helps reduce or totally eliminate this issue resulting in better looking shirts with no pretreatment marks.
  • Dark Shirt Formulas. Image Armor Dark Shirt Formula is for use on mid-colored to dark colored shirts when printing white inks. However, it can also be used when printing white ink on mid-colored to lighter colored T-Shirts.
  • 100% Polyester Printing is Closer to Reality. Printing on 100% light colored polyester garments is actually now possible. Previous pretreatments would just wash off or give no performance on the popular 100% polyester performance fabrics. Image Armor helps close this deficiency by blowing the door wide open with awesome washability and much better color retention. Note, it is NOT a magic bullet, but a massive improvement over anything else on the market.

Close-up of white ink on 100% Grey polyester shirt.This image to the left is an extreme close up picture of a white DTG direct to garment print on a 100% grey polyester shirt. The detail held is incredible, and the white ink is WHITE on the shirt. As we have stated, Image Armor is not a magic bullet, and red based polyester shirts and some dark polyester shirts may still limit white ink opacity performance, though it is definitely an improvement. This opens the door for improved performance and more sales opportunities for everyone who owns a DTG garment printer.

Though there may be a residual area on the polyester shirt (especially on colored shirts) where the pretreatment was heat pressed, in our testing this visible mark does wash out. Image Armor is continuing to work to improve our formulas and bring our customers the best solutions possible. Our goal is to help you Protect Your Image.

And the best part is Image Armor is home brewed, developed and manufactured in the United States.

Image Armor Works Incredibly Well With Ricoh Based DTG Printers

Image Armor Works With Ricoh Based DTG Printers Like AnajetThe 2013 Philly NBM show proved to be an exciting time for Image Armor and those that have Ricoh based direct to garment printers.We wanted to thank Anajet for printing this fine sample for us at the show, which allowed Image Armor to do what it does best – protects the image. As can be seen in this photo to the left, the image was printed using the new Anajet M5 DTG textile printer, which utilizes the Ricoh print heads, on an athletic grey shirt using our soon to be released Light Shirt Formula (for use with white ink). With faster print speeds than other Epson based printers, typically the white ink may not have time to “flash” or gel up. Image Armor performed flawlessly by gelling the white ink up quickly allowing for a great looking final print.There are no excuses now for poor wash performing shirts in the direct to garment industry. Image Armor is here to Protect Your Image!

Forget Everything You Thought You Knew About Pretreating

Forget Everything You Thought You Knew About Pretreatment

Forget Everything You Thought You Knew About Pretreating
Forget Everything You Thought You Knew About Pretreatment

Pretreatment in the past has been a huge deterrent for the newcomer to DTG white ink printing. You had to find “the sweet spot” or risk a failure of the print after the garment left your shop. This is not the way to run a business – not knowing if your shirt would fail and deteriorate when the customer washed the shirt.

What I end up telling people is, “Forget everything you thought you knew about pretreatment”. What do I mean by this?

  • In the past, with previous pretreatments, you had to use less pretreatment – and hit a very small window to achieve print wash success. This is extremely difficult when pretreating by hand, using a Wagner power sprayer. Even with an automated application system, though easier, it is still difficult. Image Armor actually allows you to apply more and achieve success with wash-ability. No more worries about applying too much pretreatment and your image washing or flaking off the shirt.
  • The leading brands of pretreatment on the market today are extremely reactive. By this we mean that anything the pretreatment comes into contact with will quickly corrode if it is made of metal. The picture above shows the inside of an aluminum pressure container. Each new aluminum container had pretreatment put into it, sealed up and let sit for one week. As you can see, Leading Brand X and Y shows a corrosive line and scaling on the side of the pressure container where the pretreatment sat idle for 7 days. The Image Armor left virtually no mark. The brass stem from the pressure container showed even more reaction with the pretreatments in Brand X and Y vs. Image Armor. What does this mean for the end user? Image Armor is less corrosive and easier on your equipment, making it last longer, less work on clean up, and less clogging of nozzles.
  • Crystallization has always been an issue with the leading brands of pretreatment. When heat is applied to “cure” or dry the pretreatment, crystals would appear in the shirt, leaving marks that were unsightly, making the shirt look less sellable. Image Armor reduces or eliminates this issues giving you a better pretreated shirt with little to no visible marking due to the pretreatment cure process. Just make sure to remove the Kraft paper or parchment paper immediately after the heat press is lifted or you can still get some crystallization from the steam being trapped on the surface of the garment under the paper and then returning to a liquid state…
  • Image Armor is a new formula – not a repackage of the current pretreatments on the market. It is mixed right here in America, made right here in America, and we take great pride in leading the world in helping advance the direct to garment printing industry in regards to this advancement in pretreatment technology.

Don’t assume that Image Armor is just one of the leading brands re-packaged. It is not. Anyone who has used it realizes that after the first shirt is pretreated and printed. When washed, the real results are seen. We are proud to be able to bring this technology to the DTG industry and are excited to help our customers Protect Their Image.

Image Armor Helps Protect the newest Epson DTG Printer on the market

Image Armor Helps Protect the Prints from Epson’s New Direct to Garment Printer

Image Armor Helps Protect the newest Epson DTG Printer on the market

Thanks to some of our Image Armor Pretreatment beta testers it has been found that  Image Armor Dark Shirt Formula works incredibly well with the new Epson SureColor F2000 direct to garment printer. As can be seen in the pictures above, without having been able to test various settings, a user on the T-Shirt Forums was able to post images of the printed shirts utilizing Image Armor Dark Shirt pretreatment formula. With little more than a hunch and some pre-pretreated shirts, Dekay317 was able to post an initial review of the new printer as well as images of shirts printed on Image Armor Dark Shirt Formula.

We welcomes Epson to the direct-to-garment printing arena and are excited to be helping advance the DTG printing industry with our new ground breaking pretreatment formula. Image Armor Dark will be released at 12:00 pm on Friday September 13th, 2013. Make sure to visit our website at for more information on the launch of our exciting new product and where you can purchase it!